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Mosaic Library

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Number Title    Author
1 Systematic Theology Vol 1 Chafer
2 Systematic Theology       Vol 2 Chafer
3 Systematic Theology       Vol 3 Chafer
4 Systematic Theology       Vol 4 Chafer
5 Systemic Theology       Vol 5 Chafer
6 Systematic Theology       Vol 6 Chafer
7 Systematic Theology       Vol 7 Chafer
8 Systematic Theology       Vol 8 Chafer
9 Baker’s Dictionary if Theology   Harrison
10 The Existence And Attributes of God 1   Charnock
11 The Existence And Attributes of God 2   Charnock
12 Systemic Theology Complete   Strong
13 Systemic Theology   Berkhof
14 Christian Theology   Erickson
17 What Every Christian Should Know About God Yohn
18 Lectures In Systematic Theology   Thiessen
19 The Doctrines That Divide   Lutzer
20 A Handbook of Theological Terms   Harvey
21 Knowing God - Study Guide   Packer
22 Knowing God   Packer
23 Knowing God   Packer 
24 Knowing God   Packer
25 Knowing God   Packer
26 The Everyday Guide To God   Amy Ng Wong
27 A Portrait Of My Father   Peter W Law
28 The Attributes Of God   Pink
29 Behold Your God   Alexander
30 God’s Words   Packer
31 Bible Training Center for Pastors and Church Leaders Dennis Mock
32 A Survey of Bible Doctrine   Ryrie
33 A Survey of Bible Doctrine   Ryrie
34 The Glory of God   J. Dwight Pentecost
35 In Under Standing Be Men   David Wright
36 Desiring God   Piper
37 Desiring God   Piper
38 The Dangerous Duty of Delight   Piper
39 The Darkness and the Dawn   Charles Swindoll
40 My Father’s Names   Elmer L Towns
41 Experiencing God   Blackaby and King
42 Close To His Majesty   Needham
43 Close To His Majesty   Needham
44 Your God is too small   Phillips
45 Institutes of The Christian Religion  1   John Calvin
46 Institutes of The Christian Religion  2   John Calvin
47  Golden Booklet of the True Christian  Life John Calvin
48 The Augsburg Confession   The Lutheran Confessions
49 Trusting God   Bridges
51 A Little Exercise for Young Thologians   Helmut Thielicke
52 God’s Lesser Glory   Brice A WARE
53 Lord, I Want to Know You   Kay Arthur
54 Lord I want to Know You   Kay Arthur
55 Power Of The Cross   Tim Lahaye
56 Take Me To The Cross   Denson
57 Crucify Him   Foreman
58 The Apostolic Preaching of the Cross   Morris
59 Christ Among Other Gods   Lutzer
60 The Cross Centered Life   Mahaney
61 The Cross Centered Life   Mahaney
62 No Wonder They Call Him The Savior   Max Lucado
63 Just Give Me Jesus   Anne Graham Lotz
64 Confronting Christ   Elton Trueblood
65 The Miracles of Jesus   Leslie B. Flynn
66 The Names of Jesus   A. B. Simpson
67 The Reason For My Hope   Billy Graham
68 Christ Is All!   David Bryant
69 God Came Near   Max Lucado
70 Meeting God Again For the First Time   Borg
71 Know Jesus Like Never Before His  Story NLT
72 What Are Christmas and Easter All  About John R. Cross
73 The Cross Is God’s Christmas Tree   J. Vernon McGee
74 Countdown At Calvary   J. Vernon McGee
75 Born Of a Daughter of David   J. Vernon McGee
76 When God Became Man   J. Vernon McGee
77 No Room For God   J. Vernon McGee
78 The Search For Messiah   Mark Eastman, MD
79 A Layman Looks At the Lamb of God   Keller
80 The Compelling Christ   Floyd McElveen
81 What If Jesus Had Never Been Born   D. James Kennedy
82 The Jesus I Never Knew   Philip Yancey
83 No Wonder They Call Him the Savior   Max Lucado
84 No Wonder They Call Him the Savior   Max Lucado
85 The Passion Of Jesus Christ   John Piper
86 Six Hours One Friday   Max Lucado
87 He Chose the Nails   Max Lucado
88 Simply Jesus   N.T. Wright
90 He Still Moves Stones   Max Lucado
91 The Dynamics Of Christ’s Resurrection   Ed Corley
92 The Other Jesus   Lloyd J. Ogilvie
93 Jesus the One and Only   Beth Moore
94 In The Fullness Of Time   Maier
95 King’s Cross   Timothy Keller
96 Who Is This king Of Glory   Tony Evans
97 Jesus In an Age Of Controversy   Douglas Groothuis
98 Therefore Stand   Wilbur M. Smith
99 God’s Great Salvation   Wesley L. Duewel
100 The Six Miracles Of Calvary   William R. Nicholson
101 The Six Miracles Of Calvary   William R. Nicholson
102 Salvation   Earl D. Radmacher
103 Four Views on Salvation In a Pluralistic World Dennis Okholm, Timothy Phillips
104 Salvation   Charles M. Horne
105 Salvation   Luis Sperry Chafer
106 The Saving Of Christ   Major W. Ian Thomas
107 The Difficult Doctrine of the Love of God   D. A. Carson
108 Spurgeon On the Providence Of God   C. H. Spurgeon
109 Eternal Security Can You Be Sure?   Charles Stanley
110 What Happened When you Believed?   Reuben Leuthold
111 Repentance The First Word of the  Gospel Richard Owen Roberts
112 Grace Plus Nothing   Harkin
113 Future Grace   John Piper
114 The Sovereignty Of God   Arthur W. Pink
115 The Sovereignty Of God   Arthur W. Pink
116 Back To Faith   Fred R. Lybrand
117 Living in the Family of Grace   Charles C. Bing
118 Determined to Believe   Lennox
120 Simply By Grace   Charles C. Bing
121 In The Grip of Grace   Max Lucado
122 The Cross of Christ   Stott
123 The Saving Life of Christ   Major W. Ian Thomas
124 The Cross   Martyn lloyd-Jones
125 12 Sermons On the Cries From the Cross   Charles Spurgeon
126 The Death Christ Died   Robert P. Lightner
127 How You Can Have The Assurance Of Salvation Vernon McGee
128 The Unpardonable Sin   Vernon McGee
129 What Love Is This   Dave Hunt
130 Absolutely Free   Hodges
131 What’s So Amazing About Grace?   Yancey
132 Predestination & Free Will   Basinger & Basinger
133 Full Assurance How to Know You’re Saved H.A. Ironside
134 Grace God’s Unmerited Favor   Charles Spurgeon
135 Grace - A Bigger View of God’s love   Randy Alcorn
136 Faith +0= Salvation   J. Vernon McGee
137 Grace Unlimited   Clark Pinnick
138 The Glorious Grace of God   Fred Chay
139 God Coming Face to Face With His Majesty MacArthur
140 In the Eye of the Storm   Max Lucado
141 The Ragamuffin Gospel   Brennan Manning
143 Man’s Problems God’s Answers   J. Dwight Pentecost
144 All You Need to Believe   C. Donald Cole
145 Redemption Accomplished And Applied   John Murray
146 Law and Grace   Alva J. McClain
147 Offense to Reason   Ramm
148 Follow Me Experience the Loving Lead- dership of Jesus Jan David Hettinga
149 The Jesus of Suburbia   Mike Erre
150 Jesus - Selected Readings   Selected Authors
153 Theological Dictionary of the N. T. Vol. 1 A-F Edited by G. Kittel
154 Theological Dictionary of the N. T. Vol. 2 - H.  
155 Theological Dictionary of the N. T. Vol. 3 - K  
156 Theological Dictionary of the N. T. Vol. 4 - N  
157 Theological Dictionary of the N. T. Vol. 5 Edited by G. Friedrich
158 Theological Dictionary of the N. T. Vol. 6  
159 Theological Dictionary of the N. T. Vol. 7  
160 Theological Dictionary of the N. T. Vol. 8  
161 Theological Dictionary of the N. T. Vol. 9  
162 Theological Dictionary of the N. T. Vol. 10 Compiled by R. Pitkin
165 Aramaic English N. T.    
166 A Dictionary of N. T. Greek Synonyms   George Ricker Berry
167 A Grammar of the Greek N. T.  In the Light of Historical Research A. T. Robertson
168 Analytical  Greek N. T.   Analysis by Barbara & Timothy
169 A Manual Grammar of the Greek N.T.   Dana and Mantey
170 Grammatical Aids/N. T. Greek   Mueller
171 An Introductory Grammar of N.T. Greek   Paul L. Kaufman
172 A Student’s Vocabulary of Biblical Heb- rew George M. Landes
173 Grammar of N. T. Greek 2 - Accidence and Word Formation Moulton
174 A Greek-English Lexicon of the N. T.  And Other Early Christian Literature Bauer Arndt Gingrich
175 Englishman’s Greek Concordance   George V. Wigram
176 Englishman’s Greek Concordance   George V. Wigram
177 Greek For the Rest of Us   Mounce
178 The Analytical Greek Lexicon   Zondervan Publishing
179 Do it Yourself Hebrew and Greek   Goodrick
180 Do it Yourself Hebrew and Greek   Goodrick
181 Greek Grammar   Notes
182 Greek and English Interlinear N.T. NASB/NIV Mounce
183 Greek N.T.   Bible Translators
184 The Textual Commentary on the Greek B.T.   Bruce Metzger
185 Vincent’s Word Studies in the N.T. Vol. 1 Marvin R. Vincent, DD
186 Vincent’s Word Studies in the N.T. Vol. 2  
187 Vincent’s Word Studies in the N.T. Vol. 3  
188 Vincent’s Word Studies in the N.T. Vol. 4  
189 Word Studies in the Greek N. Vol. 1 Kenneth S. Wuest
190 Vincent’s Word Studies in the N.T. Vol. 2  
191 Vincent’s Word Studies in the N.T. Vol. 3  
192 Vincent’s Word Studies in the N.T. Vil. 4  
193 The Complete Word Study N. T. King James Version Zodhiates
194 The Expanded Vines Expository Diction- ary of N.T. Words W.E. Vine
195 Complete Expository Dictionary of O. & N.T. Words Mounce
196 Expository Dictionary of N.T. Words   W. E. Vine
197 Synonyms of the N. T.   Trench
198 Lexical Aids for Students of the N.T.   Metzger
199 Shorter Lexicon of the Greek N.T.   Gingrich
200 Moods and tenses in N.T. Greek   Burton
201 An English Dictionary of O.T. Words   W. E. Vine
202 Introduction to Biblical Hebrew   Lambdin
203 O. T. Hebrew Vocabulary Cards   Van Pelt,  Pratico
204 Hebrew & English Lexicon of the O.T.   Francis Brown, S.R.Driver, C.A. Briggs
205 The NIV Complete Concordance   Goodrick, Kohlenberger
206 Strong’s Exhaustive Concordance of the Bible James Strong
207 Abingdon’s Strong’s Exhaustive Concor -dance of the Bible Strong, Abingdon
208 Roget’s Thesaurus of the Bible   A. Colin Day
212 Restoration Scriptures True Name Edi- tion Study Bible
213 The Book of God   Wangerin
214 Santa Biblia   Dios Habla Hoy
215 How to Choose a Bible Version   R.L. Thomas
216 Nave’s Topical Bible   Orville J. Nave
217 New King James Version of the Bible   King James translators
218 Holy Bible Today’s English Version   American Bible Society
219 The Amplified Bible   Zondervan
220 The American Standard Bible References, Concordance Helps A.J. Holman Company
221 The N. T. In Modern English   J.B. Phillips
222 The Guideposts Parallel Bible   Comparing 4 Translations
223 The NIV Study Bible   Edwin Palmer
224 The Message   Peterson
225 Holy Bible - English Standard Version    
226 Nave’s Topical Bible - a Digest of the Holy Scriptures Nave
227 One Year chronological Bible New  Living Translation Tyndale
228 The N.T. In Modern English   J.B. Phillips
229 NIV Audio Bible N.T. Matthew 1-Acts 16 Zondervan
230 NIV Audio Bible Acts 17 - Rev. 22  
231 NIV Audio Bible 1 Samuel 18- 2 Chronicles 3  
232 NIV Audio Bible Genesis 1 a Numbers 8  
233 New International Version Audio N. T.   Zondervan
234 New International Version Audio O.T.   Zondervan
236 The New Moody Atlas if the Bible   Beitze
237 The Macmillan Bible Atlas   Aharoni & Avi-Yonah
238 Atlas of the Bible   L.H. Grollenberg O.P,
239 Atlas of the Bible Lands   Hamond Inc.
240 The Zondervan Pictoral  Bible Atlas   Blaiklock
241 The Ancient Greeks   Starr
242 The Ancient Romans   Starr
243 A Short History of the Ancient Near East   Schwantes
244 Ancient Orient & Old Testament   K.A. Kitchen
245 The Greatness That Was Babylon   H.W.F. Saggs
247 The Bible Jesus Read   Yancey
248 Old Testament Times   R.K. Harrison
249 A Popular Survey of the O.T.   Norman L. Geisler
259 A General Introduction to the Bible   Geisler & Nix
251 An Introduction to the O.T.   Dillard & Tremper Longman III
252 Old Testament Themes   Victor H. Matthews
253 The IVP Introduction to the Bible   Philip S. Johnston
254 Tablets Of Stone   John G. Reisinger
255 Israel And the Nations   F.F. Bruce
256 Exploring the Scriptures   Phillips
257 Form Criticism   Gene Tucker
258 The Mighty Acts Of God   Rhodes & March
259 Great Events of Bible Times   Doubleday & Company
260 The Bethany Parallel Commentary on O. T. Matthew Henry.Jamieson/Fausset/
261 Walk Thru the Old Testament   Bruce Wilkinson
262 The Book In Review Genesis To Revel- ation Herbert Vander Lugt
263 The Interpretation of Prophecy   Tan
264 A Survey Of Bible Prophecy   Ludwigson
265 A Basic Guide To Eschatology   Erickson
266 The Topical Handbook Of Bible  Prophecy Prophecy Rhodes
267 Living For Christ in the  End Times   Dr. David Reagan
268 The Parousia   James Stuart Russell
269 The Last Generation   LeMay
270 The Basis of the Premillennial Earth   Ryrie
271 The Meaning of the Millenium   Cloush
272 The Meaning of the Millenium   Cloush
273 Progressive Dispensationalism   Darrell L. Bock
274 Dispensationalism   Charles C. Ryrie
275 Pauline Dispensationalism   Miles Stanford
276 God’s Plan For the Future   Lehman Strauss
277 The Everyday Guide To Prophecy   Carol Smith
278 Be Ready   Warren Wiersbe 
279 The Best is Yet to Come   Tony Evans
280 The Lamp of Prophecy   H.A. Ironside
281 The Last And Future World   James Montgomery Boice
282 The Prophecy Knowledge Handbook   Walvoord
283 The Gospel in the Gates of Jerusalem   Vernon McGee
284 The Millenium   Vernon McGee
285 The New Jerusalem Eternal Home of  the Church Vernon McGee
286 Three Views on The Rapture - Pretrib- ulation, Prewrath, or Posttribulation Gundry & Hultberg editors
287 The Second Coming of Babylon   Mark Hitchcock
288 The Reign of the Servant Kings   Joseph C. Dillow
289 Will Man Survive? The Bible Looks At Man’s Future J. Dwight Pentecost
290 The Sign of Christ’s Coming & the End Of the Age Robert Van Kampen
291 What In the World is Going on?   Dr. David Jeremiah
292 Hastening the Coming of the Messiah Your Role in Fulfilling Prophecy Johannes Facius
293 The Last Days According to Jesus   R.C. Sproul
294 Coming Again But When?   Newcombe
296 He Is Coming Again   Vernon McGee
297 He is Coming Again   Vernon McGee
298 Darkness And Light The Day of the Lord Vernon McGee
299 In Search of Temple  Treasures   Randall Price
300 The Appearing    Shawn Boonstra
301 The Urgent Call   Dave Hunt
302 The Merciful God if Prophecy - His Loving Plan for you in End Tumes Tim LaHaye
303 E U Final World Empire   Alan Franklin
304 Prophecy 14 Essential Keys to Under- standing the Final Drama John  F. Walvoord
305 Biography Of A Great Planet   Stanley A. Ellisen
306 Armageddon, Oil and the Middle East Crisis   John Walvoord
310 Watch Your Teaching!   Stuart P. Garver
311 A Woman Rides the Beast   Dave Hunt
312 Bishop C.H. Mason and the Roots of  the Church of God in Christ Bishop Mason
313 Gods of Power   Steyne
314 Christianity, Cults & Religions   Rose Publishing - foldup
315 Prince Of Darkness Antichrist and the New World Order Grant R. Jeffrey
316 Hope Or Despair   John Smith
317 So What’s the Difference?   Ridenour
318 The Real  Meaning of the Zodiac   D. James Kennedy
319 Satan Is Alive And Well On Planet Earth   Hal Lindsey
320 What Makes Christian science Christian   Christian Science Publication
321 The Seduction of Our Children   Anderson/Russo
322 A Dance With Deception   Charles Colson
323 Understanding Secular Religions   McDowellStewart
324 What Everyone Should Know About Transcendental Meditation Gordon R. Lewis
325 What Everyone Should Know About Transcendental Meditation Gordon R. Lewis
326 Those Curious New Cults   William J. Petersen
329 The Modern Preacher And the Ancient  Text Greidanus
330 Preaching the Whole Bible As Christian Scriptures Goldsworthy
331 Preaching Biblically   Thompson
332 The Supremacy of God in Preaching   John Piper
333 Preach the Word   Ryken & Wilson
334 The Big Idea Of Biblical Preaching   Willhite & Gibson 
335 The Homiletical Plot   Lowry
336 How To prepare Bible Messages   James Braga
337 Between Two Worlds   John Stott
338 Teaching To Change Lives   Dr. Howard Hendricks
339 Preaching The Whole Bible As Christian Scriptures   Goldsworthy
340 Pitfalls In Preaching   Eslinger
341 Preaching To A Postmodern World   Johnston
342 Dramatic Monologues Making the Bible Live Bailey . Blevins
343 Speaking God’s Words   Adam
344 Preaching And the Literary Forms of the Bible Bible Thomas G. Long
345 The Supremacy Of God In Preaching   John Piper
346 Preaching With Conviction   Anderson
347 The Art if Teaching I.T. Narrative   Steven D. Mathewson
348 Christ-Centered Preaching   Chapell
349 Biblical Preaching   Robinson
350 On Preaching   H.B. Charles, Jr.
351 The Power of Multisensory Preaching And Teaching Rick Blackwood
352 Bruce & Stan’s Guide To God   Bickel & Jantz
353 The Elements Of Preaching   Warren/David Wiersbe
354 Preaching In the Spirit   Kinlaw
355 A Chorus Of Witnesses. Model Sermons Sermons For Today’s Preacher Long, Plantinga
356 Walking With the Giants   Warren Wiersbe 
357 Spurgeon’s Sermons Memorial Library Vol. 4 Spurgeon
358 12 Sermons on the Love of Christ   Spurgeon
359 12 Sermons Of Comfort And Cheer   Spurgeon
360 12 Sermons On Thanksgiving   Spurgeon
361 12 Sermons On the Resurrection   Spurgeon
362 12 Sermons On the Passion & Death of Christ Spurgeon
363 12 Sermons On the Lord’s Supper   Spurgeon
364 The Best of Andy Stanley   A. Stanley
365 I Am the Resurrection And the Life   Lutheran Funeral Sermons
366 Preaching On Your Feet   Fred Lybrand
368 The Treasury Of Christian Spiritual Classics Unabridged
369 The Spirit Of Early Christian Thought   Wilken
370 The City Of God   St. Augustine
371 Early Christian lives   Penguin Classics
372 St. Augustine Confessions   St. Augustine
373 The Imitation Of Christ    T. Akempis
374 A Serious Call to a devout And Holy Life   William Law
375 Introduction to the Devout Life   Francis De Sales
376 Interior Castle   Teresa of Avila
377 St. John Chrysostom . On Wealth And  Poverty St. John Chrysostom
378 Dark Night of the Soul   Mirabai Starr
379 Dark Night of the Soul   St. John of the Cross
380 The Rule of St. Benedict   Meisel & M.L. del Mastro
381 Jonathan Edwards . Basic Writings   Edwards
382 Edwards . Selected Writings   Jonathan Edwards
383 A Quest For Godliness   Packer
384 Serious Call to a Devout & Holy Life   Law
385 Absolute Surrender   Andrew Murray
386 The Cost of Discipleship   Bonhoffer
387 The Normal Christian Life   Nee
388 The Normal Christian Life   Nee
389 The Normal Christian Church Life   Nee
390 IF   Carmichael
391 Humility   Andrew Murray
392 His Thoughts Said…His Father Said   Amy Carmichael
393 The Sacred Romance   Brent Curtis & John Eldredge
394 The Pursuit Of Holiness   Jerry Bridges
395 The Divine Conquest   A.W. Tozer
396 Keys to the Deeper Life   Tozer
397 Deeper Experiences of Famous Chris- tians Lawson
398 God’s Power is for You   Duewel
399 Streams In the Desert for Graduates   L.B. Cowman
400 Hudson Taylor’s Spiritual Secret   Dr. & Mrs. Howard Taylor
401 Practicing His Presence   Laubach/Lawrence
402 The Complete Green Letters   Stanford
403 The Green Letters   Stanford
404 The High Cost of Holiness   Keller
405 Abide In Christ   Andrew Murray
406  Candles in the Dark   Amy Carmichael
407 Ablaze With His Glory   Del Fehsenfeld
407A Desiring God   John Piper
408 The Spirit Of Christ   Murray
409 Under the Unpredictable Plant   Peterson
410 Renovation of the Heart In Daily Prac- tice Willard & Johnson
411 The Complete Works of Oswold Cham- bers Oswold Chambers
412 Intimacy With God   Heald
413 In His Steps   Charles Sheldon
414 Invitation To A Journey   Mulholland
415 Personal Holiness in Times of Tempta- tion Dr. Bruce Wilkinson
416 Fresh Encounter   Blackaby & King
417 Experiencing God: Knowing And Doing  The Will of God Blackaby & King
418 Experiencing God   Leader’s Guide - King
419 Practical Religion   J.C. Ryle
420 My Utmost For His Highest   Chambers
      A. Tozer
421 Early Christian Fathers   Richardson
421A Heartcry For Revival Conference   Billy Graham
422 Seeking Him   Nancy Leigh DeMoss & Tim Grissom
423 A Heart Ablaze   John Bevere
424 Preparing For the Coming Revival   Bill Bright
425 The Laws Of Revival   James Burns
426 The Coming World Revival   Coleman
427 Ablaze With His Glory.     A plea for  revival in our time. Del Fehsenfeld Jr.
428 Digging the Wells of Revival   Lou Engle
429 Lectures On Revival    Finney
430 Spiritual Power   Charles Finney
431 Revival In Our Time   Billy Graham
432 Revive Us Again   Walter C. Kaiser Jr.
433 Dynamics of Spiritual Life   Richard F. Lovelace
434 Revival   Martyn lloyd-Jones
435 Joy Unspeakable   Martyn lloyd-Jones
436 Downpour   James MacDonald
437 Campus Aflame   J. Edward Orr
438 Full Surrender   J. Edward Orr
439 Good News in Bad Times Revival J. Edward Orr
440 The Light If the Nations   J. Edward Orr
440A Born After Midnight A. W. Tozer  
441 Heart Cry for Revival   Stephen F. Olford
442 Scottish Fires of Revival   Luis Palau
443 Sounds From Heaven   Colin & Mary Peckham
444 Revival God’s Way   Ravenhill
445 The Presence.   Rekindling Our Passion for God Alec Rowlands
446 The Presence   Alec Rowlands
447 The Presence Participants Guide Alec Rowlands
448 Revival   Richard Owen Roberts
449 Scotland Saw His Glory   Roberts
450 With the Holy Spirit and With Fire   Shoemaker
451 When the Fire Fell   M. Smith
452 The Revival We Need   Oswald J. Smith
453 Rut, Rot Or Revival   Tozer
454 The Rising Revival   Wagner & Deiros
455 Freedom To Live   John Eldredge
456 Fresh Wind, Fresh Fire   Jim Cymbala
457 When God Comes To Church   Ortlund
462 Liberty Bible Commentary Old & New Testaments Old-Time Gospel Hour Edition
463 The Wycliffe Bible Commentary    
464 A Commentary - Critical, Experimental  And Practical.  II Jamieson.Fausset.Brown
465 A Commentary - Critical, Experimental  And Practical.  I Jamieson.Fausset.Brown
466 Matthew Poole’s Commentary On the  Holy Bible Vol. 1 MacDonald
467 Matthew Poole’s Commentary On the  Holy Bible Vol. 2 MacDonald
468 Commentary On the O.T. The Penta- teuch. Vol. 1 Keil-Delitzsch
469 Commentary On the O.T. Joshua,Judge s, Ruth, I&II Samuel Vol. 2 Keil-Delitzsch
470 Commentary On the O.T. I&II Kings, I&II  Ezra, Nehemiah, Esther Vol. 3 Keil-Delitzsch
471 Commentary On the O.T. Job Vol. 4 Keil-Delitzsch
472 Commentary On the O.T. Psalms Vol. 5 Keil-Delitzsch
473 Commentary On the O.T. Proverbs, Ecclesiastes Ecclesiastes, Song of Solomon V 6 Keil-Delitzsch
474 Commentary On the O.T. Isaiah Vol. 7 Keil-Delitzsch
475 Commentary On the O.T. Jeremiah, Lamentations Col. 8 Keil-Delitzsch
476 Commentary On the O.T. Ezekiel, O.T.Ezekiel,  Daniel Vol. 9 Keil-Delitzsch
477 Commentary On the O.T. Minor Pro- phets Vol. 10 Keil-Delitzsch
480 New Testament Commentaries - The  Gospel of St. Matthew Tyndale
481 New Testament Commentaries - The  Gospel of St. Mark Tyndale
482 New Testament Commentaries - The  Gospel of St. Lukr Tyndale
483 New Testament Commentaries - The  Gospel of St. John Tyndale
484 New Testament Commentaries - The  Acts of the Apostles Tyndale
485 New Testament Commentaries - The  First Epistle General of Peter Tyndale
486 New Testament Commentaries - The  Second Epistle of Peter, 1st Jude Tyndale
487 New Testament Commentaries - The  Epistles of John Tyndale
488 New Testament Commentaries - The  Epistles if Paul to the Romans Tyndale
489 New Testament Commentaries - The  General Epistle of James Tyndale
490 New Testament Commentaries - The  First Epistle of Paul to Corinthians Tyndale
491 New Testament Commentaries - The  Second Epistle of Paul - Corinthian Tyndale
492 New Testament Commentaries - The  Epistle of Paul to Galatians Tyndale
493 New Testament Commentaries - The  Epistle of Paul to Ephesians Tyndale
494 New Testament Commentaries - The  Epistle of Paul to Philippians Tyndale
495 New Testament Commentaries - The  Epistle of Paul to Thessalonians Tyndale
496 New Testament Commentaries - The  Pastoral Epistles Tyndale
497 New Testament Commentaries - The  Epistle to the Hebrews Tyndale
498 New Testament Commentaries - The  Revelation of St. Jihn Tyndale
499 New Testament Commentaries - The  Epistles of Paul to Colossians/Phil. Tyndale
500 Matthew Vol. 1 - Chapters 1 - 13   J. Vernon McGee
501 Matthew Vol. 2 - Chapters 14-28   J. Vernon McGee
502 Mark   J. Vernon McGee
503 John Vol. II, Chapters 11-21   J. Vernon McGee
504 Romans Vol. II   J. Vernon McGee
505 Galatians   J. Vernon McGee
506 II Corinthians   J. Vernon McGee
507 Philippians & Colossians   J. Vernon McGee
508 I&II Thessalonians   J. Vernon McGee
509 I & II Timothy - Titus - Philemon   J. Vernon McGee
510 Hebrews Vol. II Chap.s 8-13   J. Vernon McGee
511 James   J. Vernon McGee
512 Revelation Vol. III Chap.s 14-22   J. Vernon McGee
513 Revelation Vol. II    J. Vernon McGee
514 Revelation Vol. I Chap.s 1-5   J. Vernon McGee
515 John Vol. I Chap.s 1-10   J. Vernon McGee
516 II Peter   J. Vernon McGee
517 I John   J. Vernon McGee
518 II & III John & Jude   J. Vernon McGee
519 The N.T. & Wycliffe Bible Commentary   Parallel Edition
520 Moody Gospel Commentary. Matthew   Glasscock
521 Jamieson Fausset Brown A Commen-   tary Critical, Exper. & Practical III Fausset
522 The Gospel of Matthew   Barclay
523 Commentary On N.T. Use of O.T.   Baker Academic
528 The International Bible Commentary with NIV F.F. Bruce
529 Genesis Vol. I Chap.s 1-15   J. Vernon McGee
530 Genesis Vol. II Chap.s 16-23   J. Vernon McGee
531 Exodus Bol. I Chap.s 1-18   J. Vernon McGee
532 Exodus Vol. II Chap.s 19-40   J. Vernon McGee
533 I & II Chronicles   J. Vernon McGee
534 Deuteronomy   J. Vernon McGee
535 Numbers   J. Vernon McGee
536 Isaiah Vol. I Chap.s 1-35   J. Vernon McGee
537 Isaiah Vol. II Chap.s 36-66   J. Vernon McGee
538 Jeremiah & Lamentations   J. Vernon McGee
539 Malachi   J. Vernon McGee
540 Nahum & Habakkuk   J. Vernon McGee
541 Zechariah   J. Vernon McGee
542 Zephaniah & Haggai   J. Vernon McGee
543 Job   J. Vernon McGee
544 Joshua & Judges   J. Vernon McGee
545 Psalms Vol. I   J. Vernon McGee
546 Psalms Vol. III   J. Vernon McGee
547 Proverbs   J. Vernon McGee
548 1 Genesis   Kidner
549 2 Exodus    Cole
550 3 Leviticus   Harrison
551 4 Numbers    Wenham
552 5 Deuteronomy   Thompson
553 7 Judges & Ruth   Cundall & Morris
554 11 Ezra & Nehemiah   Kidner
555 12 Esther   Baldwin
556 13 Job   Anderson
557 14a Psalms 1-72   Kidner
558 14b Psalms 73-150   Kidner
559 15 Proverbs   Kidner
560 16 Eccclesiastes   Eaton
561 19 Jeremiah & Lamentations   Harrison
562 20 Ezekiel   Taylor
563 21Daniel   Baldwin
564 24 Haggai, Zechariah & Malachi   Baldwin
565 17 The Song of Solomon   Carr
566 The Expositors Bible Commentary Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numb. Frank Gaebelein
567 The Expositors Bible Commentary Deuteronomy, Joshua, Judges, Ruth, 1 2 Samuel Frank Gaebelein
    I, II Samuel  
568 The Expositors Bible Commentary Psalms, Proverbs, Ecclesiastes, Song of Solomon Frank Gaebelein
    Song of Songs  
569 The Expositors Bible Commentary Daniel, Minor Prophets Frank Gaebelein
570 My Utmost For His Highest   Oswold Chambers
573 The Book of Genesis   Bob Deffinbaugh
574 Creation And Fall   Dietrich Bonhoeffer
575 A Symposium On Creation   Morris
576 In Six Days   John F Ashton PHD
577 The Genesis Flood   Whitcomb/Morris
578 In Matthew What We Believe   Mike Riddle
579 Six Days And the Eisegesis Problem   Ken Ham
580 Creation And Time   Dr. Hugh Ross
581 What Is Creation Science?   Morris
582 Evolution And christian Faith   Bolton Davidheiser
583 The Evolution Cruncher   R. Durford
584 Genesis Beginning of the Biblical Drama   Charles F. Craft
585 Speculations And Experiments Related To Theories on the  Origin Of Life Duane T. Gish.PH D
586 The Waters Above   Dillow
587 The Genesis Record   Morris
588 The Rise And Fall of civilization   Hocking
589 The Communicator’s Commentary Genesis D. Stuart Briscoe
590 The Preacher’s Commentary Genesis D. Stuart Briscoe
591 The Patriarchs   Beth Moore
592 The Book of Genesis Comprehensive Workbook Messler
593 The Bible Comes Alive   Clifford & Barbara Wilson
594 Standard Bible Lands Atlas   Christian Supply
595 The Missionary Journeys of St. Paul    World Publishing
596 The Book of Genesis Expositional  Commentary Dr. Chuck Missler
597 Genesis (1-11) Vol. I   James Montgomery Boice
598 Genesis (12-36) Vol. II   James Montgomery Boice
599 Genesis (37-50) Vol. III   James Montgomery Boice
600 The Crossway Classic Commentaries Genesis John Calvin
601 Genesis   Huges
602 Genesis   Schaeffer
603 Genesis One A Scientific Perspective   Hugh Ross PH D
604 Genesis Book of Beginnings   John G Mitchell
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606 Exodus   Vernon McGee
607 Leviticus   Vernon McGee
608 Numbers   Vernon McGee
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610 Abraham   F.B. Meyer
611 God’s Masterwork Vol. 1 Genesis, 2 Chronicles   Charles Swindoll
612 Joseph, A Man of Integrity and Forgive- ness Charles Swindoll
612A The Book of Exodus   Missler
613 Exodus   Leon Uris
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615 Moses, A Man of Selfless Dedication   Charles Swindoll
616 God Spake By Moses   Oswald T. Allis
617 “Here Am I - Send Aaron!”   Briscoe
618 Red Sea Rules   Robert Morgan
619 The Ten Commandments   Dr. Laura Schlessinger & Rabbi 
620 The Ten(der) Commandments   Ron Mehl
621 Ten Commandments Twice Removed   Danny Shelton
622 A Fresh New Look At God   Don Baker
623 The Bible Exposition Commentary O.T. Genesis-Deuteronomy Wiersbe . Cook
624 The Tabernacle God’s Portrait of Christ   Vernon McGee
625 Moses God’s Man For A Crisis   Charles Swindoll
626 The Book of Leviticus   Missler
627 Learning Through Leviticus Vol. I Vernon McGee
628 Learning Through Leviticus Vol. II Vernon McGee
629 Celebrate the Feasts   Zimmerman
630 Harvest Festivals   Downie
631 The Book of Deuteronomy   Missler
632 Gleanings In Joshua   Pink
633 Victorious Christian Living Studies in book of Joshua Redpath
634 Unashamed   Rivers
635 Unashamed   Rivers
636 Joshua   Joseoh F. Girzone
637 Leviticus A Self-study Guide   Jensen
638 Joshua A Self-study Guide   Jensen
639 Judges/Ruth A Self-study Guide   Jensen
640 Joshua   F. B. Meyer
641  The Preacher’s Commentary Joshua Vol. 6 John A. Huffman, Jr.
642 Unshaken   Rivers
643 The Book of Judges   Missler
644 Mastering the O.T. Judges, Ruth   Jackman
645 Chosen to be God’s Prophet   Henry Blackaby
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647 First and Second Kings   Vernon McGee
648 1&2 Chronicles   Thru the Bible Radio Network
649 1&2 Kings   Thru the Bible Radio Network
650 Joshua, Judges, Ruth   Thru the Bible Radio Network
651 The Forgotten Prophet and God-aimed Arrow Thru the Bible Radio Network
652 Gleanings From Elisha   Pink
653 Unstuck   Mark Jobe
654 Elijah, A Man of Heroism And Humility   Charles Swindoll
655 Ezra, Nehemiah and Esther   Vernon McGee
655A Nehemiah And the Dynamics of Effec- tive Leadership Cyril J. Barber
656 Hand Me Another Brick   Charles R. Swindoll
657 Be Determined   Wiersbe
658 Victorious Christian Service   Alan Redpath
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660 Esther: A Woman of Strength And Dig- nity Charles Swindoll
661 Esther the Romance of Providence   McGee
662 Esther-For Such A Time As This   Armerding
663 The Books of the Bible Series  The  Heart Books of the O.T. John W. Lawrence
664 The Books of the Bible Series  The  Heart Books of the O.T. John W. Lawrence
665 The Books of the Bible Series  The  Heart Books of the O.T. John W. Lawrence
666 Job   Wharton
667 The Book of Job   Nicot
668 Job   Jensen
669 Job And His Friends   Machintosh
670 Praise! A Matter of Life And Breath   Ronald Barclay Allen
671 What Works When Life Doesn’t?   Stuart Briscoe
672 Psalms Chap.s 42-89   Vernon McGee
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674 The Treasury Of David Vol. 2 Psalms 58-110 Spurgeon
675 The Treasury Of David Vol. 3 Psalms 111-150 Spurgeon
676 The Way of the Shepherd   Don Baker
677 A Shepherd Looks At Psalm 23   Keller
678 The Psalms for Modern Man   Bible Society
679 A Shepherd Looks At Psalm 23   Keller
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681 Psalms Vol. II, 42-106   Boice
682 Falling Into Greatness Psalms   Ogilvie
683 Lord of Song   Ronald B. Allen
684 David: A Man of Passion And Destiny   Charles R. Swindoll
685 Great Lives From God’s Word David Charles R. Swindoll
686 Great Lives From God’s Word David Charles R. Swindoll
687 Proverbs   Atkinson
688 The Wisdom of God   David Jeremiah
689 The Wisdom of Proverbs, Job and Ecclesiastes Eccesiastes Derek Kidner
690 The Book of Ecclesiastes Part 2    John W. Lawrence
691 The Book of Ecclesiastes Part 2   John W. Lawrence
692 The Book of Ecclesiastes Part 1   John W. Lawrence
693 The Book of Ecclesiastes Part 1   John W. Lawrence
694 The Song of Solomon   Tommy Nelson
695 Proverbs, Ecclesiastes, Song of Solo- mon Garrett
696 Song of Solomon Study Guide   Tommy Nelson
697 Ecclesiastes & Song of Solomon   Vernon McGee
699 Daily Grind I   Charles R. Swindoll
705 An Introduction to the O.T. Prophets   Freeman
706 Handbook on the Prophets   Chrisholm
707 I Saw the Lord   Graham Lotz
708 The O.T. Prophets   Ellison
709 God’s Masterworks Vol. Two Ezra-Daniel Daniel Charles R. Swindoll
710 Initiation Into Isaiah Part One   Vernon McGee
711 Initiation Into Isaiah Part Two   Vernon McGee
712 Initiation Into Isaiah Part One   Vernon McGee
713 Isaiah   Vine
714 The Book of Isaiah   Missler
715 Faith For the Times   Redpath
716 Faith For the Times   Redpath
717 Jeremiah   F.B. Meyer
718 Run With the Horses   Peterson
719 Ezekiel   Vernon McGee
720 Ezekiel/Daniel   Jensen
721 Under the Unpredictable Plant Vocational Holiness Peterson
721A Dry Bones   Briscoe
722 Daniel:A Man Beloved of God   Arthur B. Walton
723 Lectures On Daniel the Prophet   H.A. Ironside
724 Daniel the Prophet   De Haan
725 Daniel The Key to Prophetic Revelation   Walvoord
726 Daniel CD’s   Beth Moore
727 Daniel  Leader Guide   Beth Moore
728 Daniel   Stortz
729 The Book of Daniel   Rev. Clarence Larkin
730 Daniel   Whitcomb
731 Delving Through Daniel   McGee
732 Delving Through Daniel   McGee
733 Daniel   Boice
734 The Book of Daniel   Missler
735 Leading the Way Through Daniel   Michael Youseff
736 The Handwriting On the Wall   David Jeremiah
737 The Handwriting On the Wall   David Jeremiah
738 The Most High God   Showers
739 God’s Masterwork, Vol. Three   Charles Swindoll
740 Hosea: the Heart And Holiness of God   G. Campbell Morgan
741 Hosea: People Who Forgot God   Logsdon
742 Malachi   Bible Radio Network
743 Zechariah   Bible Radio Network
744 Zephaniah, Haggai   Bible Radio Network
745 Nahum   Bible Radio Network
746 Micah   Bible Radio Network
747 The Prophet Of Hope   F.B. Meyer
748 All the Promises of the Bible   Lockyer
749 All the Miracles of the Bible   Lockyer
750 The Bethany Parallel Commentary on  the N.T. Jamieson/Fausset/Brown/Clarke
751 Dictionary of Jesus and the Gospels   Green/McKnight/Marshall
752 After Jesus The Triumph of Christianity   Reader’s Digest
753 The Uses if the O.T. In the New   Walter Kaiser, Jr.
754 Redating the N.T.   John Robinson
755 A Theology if the N.T.   Ladd
756 Walk Thru the N.T.   Bible Seminars
757 Synopsis of the Four Gospels   Kurt Aland
758 The Greatest Story   Cheney & Ellisen
759 A N. T. Commentary   Howley, Bruce, Ellison
760 Tradition Old And New   Bruce
761 The Gospels Translated Into Modern English J.B. Phillips
762 Harmony of the Gospels   Steven Cox/Kendell Easley
763 A Harmony of the Gospels   A.T. Robertson
764 The Life of Christ In Stereo   Johnston M. Cheney
765 The Divine Conspiracy   Willard
766 The Four Witnesses   Griffith-Jones
766A Three From Galilee   Marjorie Holmes
767 What the Bible Really Says   Douglas Connelly
768 The Book of Matthew   Missler
769 Following Jesus Together Story Set Avery Willis and Real Life Ministries
770 Matthew Poole’s Commentary on the Holy Bible. Vol. 3 Mat-Rev. MacDonald
771 The Gospel of the Kingdom   Ladd
772 The Beatitudes   Spurgeon
773 Live Like A King   Wiersbe
774 Studies in the Sermon On the Mount   Lloyd-Jones
775 The Sermon on the Mount   Boice
776 The Applause of Heaven   Lucado
777 A Layman Looks At the Lord’s Prayer   Keller
778 Gospel of Luke   Bible Radio Network
779 Gospel of Mark   Bible Radio Network
780 Gospel of Matthew   Bible Radio Network
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783 Expositor’s Bible Commentary Matthew 1-12 Carson
784 Expositor’s Bible Commentary Matthew 13-28 Carson
785 Life Application Bible Commentary Matthew Barton, Fackler, Taylor, Veerman
786 The Gospel of Matthew Vol. 1 Barclay
787 Christ Displays His Glory   John MacArthur
788 Sermon On the Mount   Stott
789 The Beatitudes    Norquist
790 What Jesus Said About Successful Liv- ing Robinson
791 On Divorce   MacArthur
792 Moving Thru Matthew   Vernon McGee
793 St. Matthew’s Gospel   Lenski
794 Mark   John MacArthur
795 He Came To Serve Mark 1-10   Flocks
796 He Came To Serve Mark 11-16   Flocks
797 Marching Thru Mark   McGee
798 CD The Book of Mark a Commentary   Missler
799 Interpretation if St. Mark’s Gospel    Lenski
800 The Gospel of Mark   Lane
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803 Luke   Vernon McGee
804 Life Application Bible Commentary Luke Barton, Veerman, Taylor
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808 Luke Vol. Two That You May Know the   R. Kent Hughes
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812 The Servant Who Rules Mark 1-8 Ray C. Stedman
813 The Ruler Who Serves Mark 8-16 Ray C. Stedman
814 New  International Greek Testament Commentary On Luke I. Howard Marshall 
815 St. Luke’s Gospel   Lenski
821 The Communicator’s Commentary John Rodger L. Fredrikson
822 The Gospel According to John   Leon Morris
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824 The Pillar N.T. Commentary John   Carson
825 Interpretation of St. John’s Gospel   Lenski
826 The Gospel According to John   Leon Morris
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828 Exposition of the Gospel of John  Vol. Three John 15:7 to end Arthur W. Pink
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830 John the Baptist   F.B. Meyer
831 A Passion For God   Talbot
832 An Everlasting Love   Mitchell
833 Exposition on the Gospel of John Vol. One Pink
834 The Parables of Jesus   R.T. Kendall
835 The Parables   Kistamaker
836 The Parables if Jesus   James Montgomery Boice
837 Nots on the Parables of Our Lord   R.C. Trench
838 Our Lord’s Parables   McQuilkin
839 The Parables of Jesus   George A. Buttrick
840 Deeper Connections The Parables of Jesus Williams
841 Windows on the Parables   Wiersbe
842 The Parables of Jesus   Pentacost
843 Rediscovering the Parables   Jeremiahs
844 What Do Jesus’ Parables Mean? Crucial Questions S.P. Sproul
845 Autobiography of God   Ogilvie
846 Deeper Connections The Miracles of Jesus Williams
847 The Return of the Prodigal Son   Henri Nouwen
848 The Return of the Prodigal Son   Henri Nouwen
849 The Parables   Inrig
850 Notes on the Parables of Our Lord   Trench
851 The Lord’s Prayer   Trueblood
852 And Beginning With Moses   John R. Cross
853 The Stranger on the Road to Emmaus   JohnR. Cross
854 The Stranger on the Road to Emmaus Workbook John R. Cross
855 The Acts of God   Sweeting/Sweeting
856 The Holy Spirit Unleashed in You   Kay Arthur
857 The Other Twelve   Leslie B. Flynn
858 Expositions of Holy Scripture   Alexander McClaren, D.D.
859 The Book of Acts   Missler
860 The Book of the Acts   Bruce
861 The MacArthur N.T. Commentary Acts 1-12 MacArthur
862 The Birth of an Exciting Vision: A Study of Acts 1:1-9:43 Of Acts 1:1-9:43 Charles R. Swindoll
863 The Expositors Bible Commentary With the NIV Frank Gaebelein
864 Acts   Bible Radio Network
865 The Acts of the Apostles   Lenski
866 Birth of the Body   Stedman
867 Birth of the Body Act 1-12   Stedman
868 Birth of the Body Act 13-20   Stedman
869 Birth of the Body Act 21-28   Stedman
870 The Growth of an Expanding Mission: A Study of Acts 10:1-18:18 Stedman
871 The Acts of the Apostles Witnessing   John G Mitchell
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873 Acts NAC   Pothill
874 Acts Chapters 1-14   J. Vernon McGee
875 Acts Chapters 15-28   J. Vernon McGee
876 Dictionary of Paul And His Letters   Hawthorn, Martin, Reid
877 Paul A Novel   Wangerin
878 Why I Love the Apostle Paul   Piper
879 Paul And His Life-transforming Theolo- gy Mohrlang
880 Paul And His Life-transforming Theolo- gy  
881 Paul    J.B. Meyer
882 Paul the Leader   Oswold Sanders
883 The Epistle to the Romans   Murray
884 Romans NAC   Mounce
885 Encountering the Book of Romans   Douglas Moo
886 Romans   John MacArthur
887 Romans Vol. II God’s Wrath   Donald Grey Barnhouse
888 The Epistle to the Romans   Barth
889 Romans A Self-Study Guide   Jensen
890 Romans N.T. Commentary  Chapters 1-8 Hendriksen
891 Romans N.T. Commentary  Chapters 9-16 Hendriksen
892 Commentary on Romans    Goder
893 Exposition of the Epistle to the Romans And Remarks Robert Haldane
895 Exposition of Bible Doctrines Man’s   Ruin Vol. 1 Barnhouse
896 Exposition of Bible Doctrines God’s Remedy Vol. 3 Rom.s 3:21-4:1-25 Barnhouse
897 Exposition of Bible Doctrines God’s  River Vol. 4 Rom.s 5:1-11 Barnhouse
898 Exposition of Bible Doctrines God’s Grace Vol. 5 Rom.s 5:12-21 Barnhouse
899 Exposition of Bible Doctrines God’s  Covenants Vol. 8 Rom.s 9:1-11:36 Barnhouse
900 Exposition of Bible Doctrines God’s  Discipline Vol. 9 Rom.s 12:1-14:12 Barnhouse
901 Exposition of Bible Doctrines God’s  Glory Vol. 10 Rom.s 4:13-16:27 Barnhouse
902 Coming to Terms With Sin Study of Romans 1-5 Charles R. Swindoll
903 Romans Vol. 6 God’s Freedom   Donald Grey Barnhouse
904 Interpretation of Romans   Lenski
905 The NIV Application Commentary Romans Douglas Moo
906 Learning to Walk By Grace: Study of  Romans 6-11 Charles Swindoll
907 A Women’s Workshop on Romans    Nystrom
908 Romans   John G Mitchell
909 Romans Teacher’s Manual   G. Raymond Carlson
910 The Preacher’s Homiletical Commentary   Rev. Henry J. Foster
911 The Greatest Thing in the World   Drummond
912 Commentary on First Corinthians   Godet
913 The NIV Application Commentary I Corinthians Craig L. Blomberg
914 I Corinthians The McArthur N.T. Com- mentary John MacArthur
915 Interpretation A Bible Commentary For  Preaching And Teaching I Cor.s Richard B. Hays
916 Be Wise I Cor.s   Wiersbe
917 TNTC 7 I Corinthians   Morris
918 Thru the Bible First Corinthians   J. Vernon McGee
919 Showing the Spirit I Corinthians 12-14   Carson
920 Called to be Saints: An Exposition of I  Corinthians Dr. Robert Gromacki
921 The First Epistle to the Corinthians   Grosheide
922  I Corinthians   The Bible Radio Network
923 Letters to a Troubled Church   Stedman
924 The Expositor’s Bible Commentary NIV Romans, 1 Cor.s, 2 Cor.s, Gala.s Frank Gaebelein
925 Interpretation of I & II Corinthians   Lenski
927 The Second Epistle of the Corinthians   Hughes
928 Blessings Out of Buffeting   Redpath
929 Be Encouraged 2 Corinthians   Wiersbe
930 The NIV  Application Commentary Galations Scot McKnight
931 The N.T. Commentary Galations Ephes- ians Hendriksen Baker
932 Galations A Self-Study Guide   Jensen
933 The Layman’s Bible Commentary Galations Ephesians Phil.s Colos.s John Knox Press
934 Galatians Ephesians Philipians   Lenski
935 The Expositor’s Bible Commentary Eph. Phil.s Colos.s 1,2 Thes. 1,2 Tim.  Frank Gaebelein
936 Thru the Bible Ephesians   J. Vernon McGee
937 Ephesians   John MacArthur
938 The NIV  Application Commentary Ephesians Kyle Snodgrass
939 An Expositional Commentary Ephesians   Boice
940 Ephesians A Self-Study Guide   Jensen
941 Exploring Through Ephesians   McGee
942 Ephesians   Max Lucado
943 Be Rich Ephesians   Wiersbe
944 Ephesians   F.B. Meyer
945 The Believers Spiritual Warfare   Theodore H. Epp
946 The Book of Ephesians   Missler
947 Nine Fruits of the Spirit Kindness Robert Strand
948 Disciple For Life Ephesians   Tony Merida
948A Ephesians Building A Community in Christ John Stott
949 Ephesians   Hughes
950 God’s Ultimate Purpose Ephes.s 1   Lloyd-Jones
951 Christian Unity Ephes.s 4:1-16 Lloyd-Jones
952 Darkness And Light  Ephes.s 4:17-5:17 Lloyd-Jones
953 The Christian Warfare Ephes.s 6:10-13   Lloyd-Jones
954 Life in the Spirit in Marriage, Home and Work Ephes.s 5:18-6:9 Lloyd-Jones
955 The Christian Soldier Ephes.s 6:10-20   Lloyd-Jones
956 The Unsearchable Riches of Christ Ephes.s 3 Lloyd-Jones
957 God’s Way of Reconciliation Ephes.s 2 Lloyd-Jones
958 Ephesians    John MacArthur
959 Turning Toward Joy   David Jeremiah
960 A Gardener Looks at the Fruits of the  Holy Spirit Keller
961 The Epistle of Paul to the Philippians    Muller
962 The Epistles to the Ephesians and Col- ossians Simpson and Bruce
963 BDT Ephesians   Stott
964 N.T.Commentary Philippians Colossians Philemon Baker
965 NIV Application Commentary Philippian   Frank Theilman
966 Philippians Colossians Philemon NAC   Melick
967 World Biblical Commentary 43  Philippians Hawthorn
968 Philippians Triumph in Christ   John  F. Walvoord
969 Be Joyful Philippians   Wiersbe
970 Life Application Bible Commentary Phil. s Colos.s Philemon Osborne, Comfort
971 Probing Through Philippians   McGee
972 Philippians A Self-Study Guide   Jensen
973 An Exegetical Summary of Philippians   Greenlee
974 The life of Joy Philippians 1,2   Lloyd-Jones
975 The Life of Peace Philippians 3,4   Lloyd-Jones
976 Interpretation of Coloss.s Thess.s Tim. Titus Philemon Lenski
977 Coloss.s and Philemon A Self-Study Guide Jensen
978 Colossians   Hughes
979 The Letters to the Philippians Coloss.s And Thessalonians Barclay
980 Your Completeness in Christ Coloss.s 1:24-2:23 MacArthur
981 Thessalonians How Can I Be Sure?   Don Baker
982 The Letters to the Thessalonians   John G Mitchell
983 Exegetical Guide to the Greek N.T.  Colossians and Philemon Murray Harris
984 Be Complete Colossians   Wiersbe
985 Colossians and Philemon Finding Ful- fillment in Christ Martha Reapsome
986 The First snd Second Epistles to the Thessalonians Morris
987 Be Ready 1&2 Thessalonians   Wiersbe
988  Contagious Christianity: a Study of 1  Thessalonians Charles R. Swindoll
989 1Thessalonians, 2 Thessalonians   Thru the Bible Radio Network
990 Hope in a Chaotic World   Stedman
991 Word Biblical Commentary 46 Pastoral Epistles Mounce
992 Be Faithful 1-2 Timothy Titus Philemon   Wiersbe
993 Life Application Bible Commentary 1-2  Timothy & Titus Osbourne Comfort Taylor
994 Be Real 1 John   Wiersbe
995 Letters to the Seven Churches   William Barclay
996 We Really Do Need Each Other   Welch
997 2 Timothy   John MacArthur
998 Life as it was Meant to Be   Ogilvie
999 God’s Masterwork Vol. 5 2 Thess.s-Rev.   Charles R. Swindoll
1000 N.T. Commentary Hendriksen Thess.s  Timothy Titus Baker
1011 Hebrews and Titus   Ironside
1012 The N.T. Commentary Hebrews   Baker
1013 An Exposition of Hebrews   Arthur W. Pink
1014 The Epistle to the Hebrews   Bruce
1018 The Epistle ti the Hebrews   Westcott
1019 Hebrews   John MacArthur
1020 The Epistle to the Hebrews   Bruce
1021 Interpretation of Hebrews James   Lenski
1022 The Expositors Bible Commentary  Hebrews James 1,2 Peter 1-3 John NIV Vol. 12 Gaebelein
1023 What More Can God Say? A Fresh Look At Hebrews Stedman
1024 The Preeminent Person of Christ A  Study Study of Hebrews 1-10 Charles R. Swindoll
1025 The Interpreters Bible A Commentary in  Twelve Volumes Abingdon Press
1026 James   J. Vernon McGee
1027 James   Hughes
1028 The Epistle of James   Adamson
1029 The Pillar N.T. Commentary The Letter of James Moo
1030 The Book of James   Missler
1031 Fellowship 3 Letters From John   Mitchell
1032 Better Living Through Christ Studies in The Book of Hebrews John Schaal
1033 N. T. Postcards A Study of Philemon 2  John and 3 John and Jude Charles R. Swindoll
1034 Trial 8 Witnesses From 1&2 Peter   Pastor Mark Driscoll
1035 Life Changes Series 1 Peter   Navpress Bible Study
1036 Be Hopeful 1 Peter   Wiersbe
1037 Living For Eternity 8 Imperatives From 2 Peter Dave Breese
1038 Tried By Fire 1 Peter   F.B.Meyer
1039 1&2 Peter A Self-Study Guide   Jensen
1040 Peter   F.B.Meyer
1041 The NIV Application Commentary 1 Peter Scot McKnight
1042 The NIV Application Commentary 2 Peter Jude Douglas Moo
1043 Letters of John   Gary Burge
1044 Revelation the Unveiling of Jesus Christ   John Mitchell
1045 The Epistles if John & Jude A Self-Study Study Guide Jensen
1046 The Epistles of John   Marshall
1047 When God First Thought of You the Full Measure of Love in 1,2,3 John Lloyd J. Ogilvie
1048 Interpretation of Peter John Jude   Lenski
1049 Jude    Thru the Bible Radio Network
1050 1 Peter   Thru the Bible Radio Network
1051 Revelation   Thru the Bible Radio Network
1052 Before Jerusalem Fell Dating the Book Of Revelation Kenneth Gentry, Jr.
1053 Letters ti Churches Timeless Lesson For The Body of Christ Charles R. Swindoll
1054 Interpretation of St. John’s Revelation   Lenski
1055 The Book of Revelation   Mounce
1056 The Book of Revelation a Commentary   Missler
1059 Josephus   Whiston
1060 The New Bible Dictionary   Douglas
1061 The Zondervan Pictorial Bible Dictionary   Tenney
1062 Unger’s Bible Handbook   Merrill Unger 
1063 Erdman’s Concise Bible Handbook   Erdman
1064 Handbook of Bible Lands   Dufield
1065 Manners and Customs of Bible Lands   Fred H. Wight
1066 The New Manners and Customs of Bible Times Gower
1067 Manners and Customs of the Bible   Freeman
1068 New Illustrated Bible Manners and Cus- toms How the People of Bible Live Howard F. Vos
1069 Nelson’s Illustrated Bible Dictionary   Herbert Lockyer
1070 Unger’s Bible Dictionary   Unger
1071 The Life and Times of Jesus the Messiah   Alfred Edersheim
1072 Figures if Speech Used in the Bible   Bullinger
1073 A Biblical Theology of the N. T.    Zuck Bock
1074 An Introduction to the N.T. Vol. 2 The Pauline Epistles Hiebert
1075 An Introduction to the N.T. Vol. 3 The NonPauline Epistles and Revelation Hiebert
1076 The Bible and Archaeology   Thompson
1077 The Greatness of the Kingdom   McClain
1078 The Biblical Expositor The Living Theme  Of the Great Book Carl F. Henry
1079 The Victor Journey Through the Bible   Beers
1080 A Walk Through the Bible   Leslie Newbigin
1081 The N. T. Era   Reicke
1082 Explore the Book Complete in 1 Vol.   Baxter
1083 The Zondevan Pictorial Encyclopedia of  the Bible Vol. 1 A-C Tenney
1084 The Zondervan Pictorial Encyclopedia Of the Bible Vol.2 D-G Tenney
1085 The Zondevan Pictorial Encyclopedia of  the Bible Vol. 3 H-L Tenney
1086 The Zondervan Pictorial Encyclopedia  Of the Bible Vol.4 M-P Tenney
1087 The Zondervan Pictorial Encyclopedia  Of the Bible Vol.5 Q-Z Tenney
1088 N.T. Interpretation Essays on Principles  And Methods Marshall
1089 The Language and Imagery of the Bible   C.B. Caurd
1090 Inspiration and Canonicity of the Bible   Harris
1091 Introduction to N.T. Textual Criticism   Greenlee
1092 Second Thoughts on the Dead Sea Scrolls   Bruce
1093 The Books And the Parchments   Bruce
1094 The Historical Reliability of the Gospels   Blomberg
1095 Can You Trust the Bible?   Muncaster
1096 The Inspiration and Authority of Scrip- ture  Rene Pache
1097 Can We trust the Bible?   Earl Radmacher
1098 The Battle For the Bible   Lindsell
1099 Inerrancy   Norman L. Geisler
1100 No Final Conflict the Bible w/o error in all that it Affirms Francis A. Schaeffer
1101 Seven Reasons Why You Can Trust the Bible   Erwin W. Lutzer
1102 The Debate About the Bible   Davis
1103 What the Bible Teaches About the Bible   McDonald
1104 Protestant Biblical Interpretation   Bernard Ramm
1105 Interpreting the Bible   Mickelsen
1106 Interpreting the Bible   Wright
1107 O.T.Exegesis A Handbook For Students And Pastors Stuart
1108 Exegetical Fallacies   Carson
1109 Solving Bible Mysteries   Kennedy
1110 Creative Bible Teaching   Richards/Bredfeldt
1111 Grasping God’s Word Workbook   Duvall & Hays
1112 How to Study Your Bible Precept Upon  Precept Precept Ministries
1113 Creative Bible Teaching   Richards/Bredfeldt
1114 You, the Teacher Effective Teaching Series Series Lawrence O. Richards
1115 Obedience-Oriented Education   George Patterson
1116 How We Learn   Issler & Habermas
1117 The 7 Laws of the Learner course Work- book Dr. Bruce Wilkinson
1118 The Art of Teaching the Bible   Christine Eaton Blair a Practical
1119 Journey Into God’s Word   Duvall & Hays
1120 Dig Deeper   Nigel Beynon & Andrew Sach
1121 How to Read the Bible For All It’s Worth   Fee & Stuart
1122 Handbook to Interactive Bible Study   Joseph Fledderjohann
1123 Handbook to Interactive Bible Study   Joseph Fledderjohann
1124 Serendipity N.T. For Groups   NIV
1125 Discover the Bible For Yourself   Kay Arthur
1126 How to Study the Bible For Yourself   LaHaye
1127 The God Who Speaks Sunday School series 8 Week Video Kit
1128 The Complete Book of Bible Answers   Rhodes
1129 The 7 Laws of Teaching   Gregory
1130 Let There Be Light and the Making of the English Bible William Tyndale David Daniell
1131 How to Get the Most From God’s Word   John MacArthur
1132 Personal Bible Study   Lincoln
1133 Living By the Book   Hendricks & Hendricks
1134 Living By the Book   Hendricks & Hendricks
1135 Teaching to Change Lives   Howard G. Hendricks
1136 How People Learn Guidelines for Bible Teaching Ed Stewart
1137 Effective Bible Study   Howard F. Vos
1138 How to Study the Bible Selected  Scriptures MacArthur
1139 How to Study Your Bible   Kay Arthur
1140 Independent Bible Study   Jensen
1141 The Book That Transforms Nations   Loren Cunningham
1142 What the Bible is All About   Mears
1143 Strange Scriptures   Bowen
1144 Celebrating the Word   Earl Radmacher
1145 The Bible: Breathed From God Bibliography  Robert L. Saucy
1146 N.T. Exegesis A Handbook For Students & Pastors Fee
1147 Guidelines For the Understanding of the Scr Scriptures J. Vernon McGee
1148 Contemporary Perspectives On  Religious Epistemology   Geivett & Sweetman
Hanegraaff Christianity In Crisis   Hanegraaff
1150 The Case For Miracles   Lee Strobel
1151 7 Great Apologists    Phil Fernandes
1152 Mere Christianity   C.S. Lewis
1153 The Taste For the Other   Meilaender
1154 God, I Don’t Understand   Boa
1155 The Resurrection Of Jesus   Gary R. Haberman
1156 Set Forth Your Case   Pinnock
1157 I Have a Friend Who’s Jewish…Do You?   Goldstein
1158 Now That You’re a Christian   Bickel & Jantz
1159 Now That You’re a Christian   Bickel & Jantz
1160 More Evidence That Demands a Verdict Vol. 2 Josh McDowell
1161 More Than a Carpenter   Josh McDowell
1162 More Than a Carpenter   Josh McDowell
1163 More Than a Carpenter   Josh McDowell
1164 The Uniqueness Of the Bible   Josh McDowell
1165 The New Evidence That Demands a  Verdict Josh McDowell
1166 A Ready Defense   Josh McDowell
1167 Living By the Book Workbook   Howard G. Hendricks
1168 What’s So Great About Christianity?   Dinesh D’Souza
1169 Christian Apologetics   Edward John Carnell
1170 Christian Apologetics   Edward John Carnell
1171 Who Made God?   Edgar Andrews
1172 Ethics   Dietrich Bonhoeffer
1173 When Skeptics Ask   Geisler Brooks
1174 When Skeptics Ask   Geisler Brooks
1175 Ethics For a Brave New World    John S. & Paul D. Feinberg
1176 Christian Ethics   Norman Geisler
1177 The Reason For God Conversations on Faith & Life Timothy Keller
1178 The Reason For My God Belief in an  Age if Skepticism Timothy Keller
1179 Testing Christianity’s Truth Claims   Gordon R. Lewis
1180 Living Ethically in the 90’s   J. Kerby Anderson
1181 Biblical Answers to Contemporary Issues Issues Ryrie
1182 Christian Perspectives on Controversial Issues C. Donald Cole
1183 Measuring Morality   Lutzer
1184 The God I Don’t Understand   Wright
1185 The Case For Christ   Lee Strobel
1186 The Case For a Creator   Strobel
1187 The Case For a Creator   Strobel
1188 The Case For a Creator   Strobel
1189 The Case For Faith Student Edition   Strobel/Vogel
1190 The Case For Faith   Strobel
1191 Searching Issues   Nicky Gumbel
1192 Searching Issues   Nicky Gumbel
1193 Know Why You Believe   Paul E. Little
1194 Why I Am a Christian   Geisler & Hoffman
1195 Philosophy   Brown
1196 The Christian Mind   Blamires
1197 War of the World Views   Gary Vauterlaus
1198 False Gods of our Time   Geisler
1199 Love Your God With All Your Mind   Moreland
1200 War of the World Views   Gary DeMar
1201 The Christian Mindset in a Secular Society   Carl F.H. Henry
1202 The Universe Next Door   James W. Sire
1203 Worldviews In Conflict   Nash
1204 The Battle For the Truth   Noebel
1205 The Battle For the Truth   Noebel
1206 Mind Siege   Tim LaHaye
1207 The Church In Babylon   Erwin W. Lutzer
1208 How Should We Then Live?   Schaeffer
1209 Back To Freedom & Dignity   Francis A. Schaeffer
1210 He is There & He Is not Silent   Schaeffer
1211 True Spirituality   Schaeffer
1212 Introduction to Francis Schaeffer   Schaeffer
1214 Escape From Reason   Schaeffer
1215 Back to Freedom and Dignity   Schaeffer
1216 Art and the Bible   Schaeffer
1217 Pollution and the Death of Man The Christian View of Ecology Schaeffer
1218 Developing a Christian Worldview of The Christian in Today’s Culture Schaeffer
1219 How to Stay Christian in College   Budziszewski
1220 Who Speaks For God?   Charles Colson
1221 How Shall We Live?   Colson/Pearcey
1222 The God of Stones and Spiders   Charles Colson
1223 Against the Night   Charles Colson
1224 Unspeakable   Guinness
1225 A Place For Truth   Dalles Willard
1226 Tough Questions About God, Faith and Life Life Charles Colson
1227 I Don’t Have Enough Faith To Be An  Atheist Geisler and Turek
1228 I Don’t Have Enough Faith To Be An  An Atheist Geisler and Turek
1229 Can We Be Good Without God?   Paul Chamberlain
1230 Finding God At Harvard   Kelly Monroe
1231 Letters From A Skeptic   Boyd
1232 Skeptics Answered   D. James Kennedy
1233 Love Is Always Right   Josh McDowell & Norm Geisler
1234 Whatever Happened to Truth?   Kostenberger
1235 Jesus Among Other Gods   Zacharias/Kevin Johnson
1236 Judge For Yourself   Gordon R. Lewis
1237 Who Made God?  And Answers to Over 100 Other Tough Faith Questions  Zacharias/Kevin Johnson
1238 The Thinking Series Five Questions   Andy Steiger
1239 Asking the Right Questions A Guide To Critical Thinking Browne / Keely
1240 Answers to the 4 Big Questions   Answers in Genesis
1241 The Questions Christians Hope No One Will Ask Mark Mittelberg
1242 Get Your Hands Dirty   Ballor
1243 The System Has A Soul   Hunter Baker
1244 The Doctrine of the Lesser Magistrates   Matthew J. Trewhella
1245 Faith and Freedom   Staver
1246 A Biblical View of Civil Government   Stephen McDowell
1247 A Biblical View of Civil Government   Stephen McDowell
1248 War: Four Christian Views   Clouse
1249 A Just Defense    Payne / Payne
1250 Violence A Study of Contemporary Atti- tudes O.S. Guiness
1251 Makers of Modern Christian Social  Thought Jordan J. Ballor
1252 Poverty Cure A 6 Part Series   Michael Matheson Miller
1253 The Entrepreneurial Vocation   Action Institute
1254 Economic Shalom   Bolt
1255 Flourishing Churches & Communities   Self
1256 Flourishing Faith   Brand
1257 Wisdom & Wonder   Kuyper
1258 The Hole in Our Gospel   Richard Stearns
1259 Flirting With the Wirld   White
1260 Barefoot Church   Brandon Hatmaker
1261 Generous Justice   Timothy Keller
1262 Generous Justice   Timothy Keller
1263 The Least of These   R. Maurice Smith
1264 Toxic Charity   Lupton
1265 When Helping Hurts   Corbett & Fikkert
1266 Helping without Hurting in church Benevolence Corbett & Fikkert
1267 Empowering the Poor   Robert C. Linthicum
1268 A Framework For Understanding poverty Poverty Ruby K. Payne, Ph. D.
1269 Christians Destroying America   Tony Evans
1270 The Fight   White
1271 The End of the World As We Know It   Chuck Smith
1272 Why You Can’t Stay Silent   Minnery
1273 Winning the Values War   Leith Anderson
1274 Sinful Silence   Connor
1275 The High Cost of Indifference   Richard Cizik
1276 The Political Mission of the Church   Billy Falling
1277 Why Liberty   Palmer
1278 A Christian Manifesto   Schaeffer
1279 The Intolerance of Tolerance   Carson
1280 A Nation Without a Conscience   Tim LaHaye
1281 No God But God   Guinness & Seel
1282 Simply Christian   Wright
1283 Why Marriage Matters   Stanton
1284 Grand Illusions   Grant
1285 Prolife Answers to Prochoice Argu- ments Randy Alcom
1286 Basic Questions on Sexuality & Repro- ductive Technology Bio Basics Series
1287 Sanctity of Life   Swindoll
1288 Proclaiming the Prolife Message   Christian Leaders
1289 Why Dies a Nice Guy like Me Keep Getting Thrown in Jail?  Terry
1290 Innocent Blood: Challenging the Pow- ers of Death With the Gospel John Ensor
1291 Human Cloning   Lester / Hefley
1292 Issues of Life & Death   Anderson
1293 In Defense of Life   Fournier & Watkins
1294 The Least of These   Young
1295 Does the Birth Control Pill Cause Abortions Abortions? Ruth Alcorn
1296 Annunciation: what the Natal Life of Jesus Teaches us About Life Dr. Joseph B. Fuiten
1297 Fertility & Faith   Brendon McCarthy
1298 The Reproduction Revolution   Kilner, Cunningham, & Hager
1299 Too Small to Ignore Why the Least of These Matters Most Stanford
1300 Life and Death Decisions   Orr, Schiedermayer, Biebel
1301 The Outer limits of Life   John Medina
1302 Euthanasia   Beth Spring & Ed Larson
1303 The Sexual Christian Christianity Today Series Tim Stafford
1304 Sins of the Body   Muck
1305 You Don’t Have to Be Gay   Jeff Konrad
1306 Homosexuality and the Politics of Truth   Jeffrey Satinova, M.D.
1307 What Does the Bible Really Teach About About Homosexuality? Kevin DeYoung
1308 The Crisis of Homosexuality   Yamamotu
1309 Over the Rainbow: God’s Eye For the Gay Guy Angel Wilson
1310 Sexual Chaos   Stafford
1311 Living With Your Passions   Erwin W. Lutzer
1312 When Harry Became Sally   Ryan T. Anderson
1313 EnGendered   Sam A. Andreades
1314 Understanding Gender Dysphoria   Mark A. Yarhouse
1315 Love Thy Body. Answering Hard Ques- Tions About Life & Sexuality Nancy R. Pearcey
1317 Not A Chance   Sproul
1318 Show Me God. Wonders Vol. 1   Fred Heeren
1319 Astronomy And the Bible   DeYoung
1320 Tornado In A Junkyard   James Perloff
1321 The Evolution of a Creationist   Martin
1322 Darwin’s Black Box   Michael J. Behe
1323 What’s Darwin Got to do With it?   Newman / Wiester
1324 The Creator And the Cosmos   Hugh Ross, PH. D.
1325 It Couldn’t Just Happen   Lawrence O. Richards
1326 Evolution And Christian Thought Today   Mixter
1327 Evolution Exposed. Earth Science   Roger Patterson
1328 Evolution Exposed. Biology   Roger Patterson
1329 The Design Revolution   Dembski
1330 The Lie: Evolution   Ken Ham
1331 The Creator And the Cosmos   Ross
1332 Exposing Darwinism’s Weakest Link   Poppe
1333 The Christian View of Science and Scripture   Ramm
1334 A Symposium on Creation VI   Patten
1335 Darwin’s Deadly Legacy   James Kennedy
1336 Six Days or Millions of Years   Ken Ham
1337 Is There Intelligent Life in Outer Space?   Ken Ham & Dr. Don Batten
1338 The Global Flood A Pocket Guide Answers in Genesis
1339 A Pocket Guide to Dinosaurs Is There A Biblical Explanation? Answers in Genesis
1340 A Pocket Guide to Separating Fact From Fiction Answers in Genesis
1341 A Pocket Guide to the Human Body Intricate Design Glorifies Creator Answers in Genesis
1342 A Pocket Guide to a Young Earth Evi- dence That Supports Bibl. Persp. Answers in Genesis
1343 A Pocket Guide to Satan & the Serpent Biblical View of Satan & Evil Answers in Genesis
1344 A Pocket Guide to Logic & Faith Discern -ing Truth in Logical Arguments Answers in Genesis
1345 A Pocket  Guide to Charles Darwin His Life & Impact Answers in Genesis
1346 A Pocket Guide to Compromise refuting Non-Biblical Interpretations Genesi Answers in Genesis
1347 A Pocket Guide toSocial Issues what  Does bible say about morality? Answers in Genesis
1348 A Pocket Guide to UFOs & ETs Exploration of Aliens Answers in Genesis
1349 A Pocket Guide to the Tower if Babel  Origin & Dispersal of the Nations Answers in Genesis
1350 A Pocket Guide to 6 Days how long  were the days in Genesis 1? Answers in Genesis
1351 What is Science?   Answers in Genesis
1352 The New Answers Book 1   Ham & Hodge
1353 The New Answers Book 2   Ken Ham
1354 The New Answers Book 3   Ken Ham
1355 The New Answers Book 4   Ken Ham
1356 Tough Questions Leader’s Guide   Poole & Poling
1357 How Does Anyone Know God Exists? Vol. 1 Poole & Poling
1358 Is Jesus the Only Way? Vol. 2 Poole & Poling
1359 How Reliable Is the Bible? Vol. 3 Poole & Poling
1360 How Could God Allow Suffering And Evil? Evil? Vol. 4 Poole & Poling
1361 Don’t All Religions Lead to God? Vol. 5 Poole & Poling
1361A Do Science and the Bible Conflict? Vol. 6 Poole & Poling
1361B Why Become A Christian? Vol. 7 Poole & Poling
1362 Participant’s Workbook  Answers Academy Answers Academy Curriculum
1362A Answers to the 4 Big Questions Answers in Genesis Answers Academy Curriculum
1362B Answers to the 4 Big Questions Answers in Genesis Answers Academy Curriculum
1363 The Thousand Years if Uncertainty V.2 A History of Expansion of Christian -ity Latourette
1364 Three Centuries of Advance Vol. 3 A History of Expansion of Christian -ity Latourette
1365 The Great Century:The Americas, Aus- tralasia & Africa Vol. 5 Latourette
1366 The Great Century:North Africa & Asia A History of Expansion of Christian -ity Latourette Vol. 6
1367 Advance Through Storm Vol. 7 A History of Expansion of Christian -ity Latourette
1368 Eerdmans’ Handbook to the History of Christianity Dowley
1369 Christianity Through the Centuries   Cairns
1370 Christianity Through the Centuries Revis History of the Christian Church Cairns
1371 The One Year Book of Christian History   E. Michael & Sharon Rusten
1372 A Religious History of the American People Vol. 1 Sydney E. Ahlstrom
1373 A Religious History of the American People Vol. 2 Sydney E. Ahlstrom
1374 Documents of the Christian Church   Henry Bettenson
1375 How They Found Christ   Freeman
1376 The Bondage of the Will   Luther
1377 A Dictionary of Christian Biography   Wace & Piercy
1378 The Gospel in America   Woodbridge, Noll, Hatch
1379 Turning Points   Noll
1380 Baptists & the Bible   Bush & Nettles
1381 The Black Church - The Foundation of the African American Culture Wayne Perryman
1382 Introduction to American Christianity   Dr. H. Crosby Englizian
1383 Ancient & Reformation Church   Dr. H. Crosby Englizian
1384 Catechism of the Catholic Church   Vatican Library
1385 Roman Catholicism   Boettner
1386 Roman Catholic Systematic Theology   Rev. Anthony Pezotta
1388 On This Day 365 stories about Saints,  Martyrs & Heroes Robert J. Morgan
1390  O Worship the King   Tada, MacArthur, Wolgemuth
1391 Worship - Rediscovering the Missing Jewel Jewel Ronald Allen & Gordon Borror
1392 Tabernacle Hymns Number Four   Tabernacle Publishing Co.
1393 Make Christ King Combined - Gospel  Hymns The Glad Tidings Publ. Co.
1394 The Heart of the Artist   Noland
1395 The Heart of the Artist   Noland
1396 Whatever Happened to Worship?   A.W. Tozer
1397 Worship (summary lectures)   Dr. Gary Parrett
1398 True Worship Selected Scriptures   MacArthur
1399 Real Worship   Wiersbe
1400 Worship (summary lectures) Audio - Training Fir Transformation Dr. Gary Parrett
1401 Unceasing Worship   Best
1402 Stories of Christmas Carols   Emurian
1403 Experience God in Worship   Group Publishing
1404 The Hymnal For Worship & Celebration   Word Music
1405 Hymns of the Christian Life   Christian Publications
1406 Songs of the Church   Alton H. Howard
1407 Spiritual Disciplines Handbook   Calhoun
1408 Celebrating the Disciplines   Foster & Yanni
1409 The Spirit of the Disciplines   Dallas Willard
1410 Celebration of Discipline   Foster
1411 Spiritual Direction & the Care of Souls   Moon & Benner
1412 Godliness Through Discipline   Jay E. Adams
1413 Richard J. Foster’s Study Guide For Celebration of Discipline Harper
1414 Spiritual Disciplines For the Christian Life Donald S. Whitney
1415 Spiritual Disciplines For the Christian Life Donald S. Whitney
1416 A Spiritual Formation Workbook   Smith & Graybeal
1417 Habits of Grace   Mathis
1418 Emotionally Healthy Spirituality    Peter Scazzero
1419 Fasting For Spiritual Breakthrough   Elmer Towns
1420 Tony Evans Speaks Out on Fasting   Tony Evans
1421 God’s Chosen Fast   Wallis
1422 God’s Chosen Fast   Wallis
1423 God’s Chosen Fast   Wallis
1424 Fasting Can Save Your Life   Herbert M. Shelton
1425 Sabbath finding rest, renewal & delight in our busy lives Wayne Muller
1426 Christian Spirituality   Lane
1427 Adventure Inward   Kelsey
1428 Disciplines For the Inner Life   Bob Benson Sr., Michael W Benson
1431 The Names if the Holy Spirit   Elmer Towns
1432 The Divine Comforter   J.Dwight Pentecost
1433 The Holy Spirit and the Believer   Theodore Hepp
1434 How Can I Be Filled With the Holy Spir- it? Discovery Series RBC Ministries
1435 The Holy Spirit-Shy Member of the Trinity   Frederick Dale Bruner/Wm.Hordem
1436 The Spirit at Work   Oswald J. Smith
1437 The Holy Spirit   Charles Caldwell
1438 Flying Closer to the Flame   Charles R. Swindoll
1439 Network Participant’s Guide   Bugbee, Cousins & Hybels
1440 A Practical Guide to Finding Your Spiritual Gifts Spiritual Gifts Tim Blanchard
1441 A Practical Guide to Finding Your Spiritual Gifts Spiritual Gifts Tim Blanchard
1442 He Gave Gifts   Charles R. Swindoll
1443 The Dynamics of Spiritual Gifts   Wm. McRae
1444 Grace - Gifts   Griffiths
1445 Gifts of the Spirit   J. Vernon McGee
1446 The Holy Spirit and Tongues   Wesley L. Duewel
1447 Speaking in Tongues   Joseph Dillow
1448 Holy Spirit Baptism   Hoekema
1449 Charisma verses Charismania   Chuck Smith
1450 You’ve Got Charisma!   Lloyd Ogilvie
1451 Tongues On   J. Vernon McGee
1452 Are Miraculous Gifts For Today?   Wayne A. Grudem
1453 Surprised By the Power if the Spirit   Jack Deere
1454 Surprised By the Power if the Spirit   Jack Deere
1455 How to Listen to God   Charles Stanley
1456 Pentecostal Spirituality   Land
1457 Are Miraculous Gifts For Today? Four Views Gaffin Jr., Saucy, Storms, Oss
1458 Unsolved Miracles   Van Diest
1459 When Heaven Invades Earth   Bill Johnson
1460 Divine Healing God’s Way   Daniel Arrota
1461 When Heaven Invades Earth   Bill Johnson
1462 Authority to Heal   Blue
1463 The Baptism & Fullness of the Holy Spirit John R. W. Stott
1464 The Fire That Ignites   Tony Evans
1465 The Corinthian Catastrophe   Gardiner
1466 Under His Influence   Lloyd Pulley
1467 Surprised By the Voice of God   Jack Deere
1468 Hearing God   Peter Lord
1469 How You Can Be Led By the Spirit of God Kenneth E. Hagin
1470 Disciplines of the Holy Spirit   Tan / Gregg
1471 Paul, the Spirit & the People of God   Gordon D. Fee
1472 A New Apostolic Reformation?   Geivett & Pivec
1474 Angels - Elect and Evil   C. Fred Dickason
1475 What the Bible Says About Angels   Jeremiah
1476 Angels   Billy Graham
1477 A Rustle of Angels   Webber & Webber
1478 I Believe in Satan’s Downfall   Green
1479 Delivered From Demon Possession   Allen
1482 3 Crucial Questions About Spiritual Warfare Arnold
1483 The Battle is the Lord’s   Tony Evans
1484 What the Bible Teaches About Spiritual Warfare Robert Dean Jr.
1485 Prepare For Battle   Pirolo
1486 I Give you Authority   Kraft
1487 Victory Over the Darkness   Neil T. Anderson
1488 Victory Over the Darkness   Neil T. Anderson
1489 Released From Bondage   Neil T. Anderson
1490 The Bondage Breaker Youth Edition Neil T. Anderson
1491 Resolving Spiritual Conflicts the Work- Book Neil T. Anderson
1492 Resolving Spiritual Conflicts the Work- book Neil T. Anderson
1493 Resolving Spiritual Conflicts the Work- book Neil T. Anderson
1494 Resolving Spiritual Conflicts the Work- book Neil T. Anderson
1495 Resolving Spiritual Conflicts the Work- book Neil T. Anderson
1496 Resolving Personal Conflicts   Neil T. Anderson
1497 Resolving Personal Conflicts   Neil T. Anderson
1498 Resolving Personal Conflicts   Neil T. Anderson
1499 Resolving Personal Conflicts   Neil T. Anderson
1500 The Streps to Freedom in Christ Guide Neil T. Anderson
1501 The Steps to Freedom in Christ   Neil T. Anderson
1502 When the Enemy Strikes   Charles Stanley
1503 The Christian In Complete Armour   William Burnall
1504 Breaking Strongholds   Tom White
1505 The Christian in Complete Armour   William Gurnall
1506 Born For Battle   Matthews
1507 Overcoming Life   D.L. Moody
1508 Principals of War   Jim Wilson
1509 War on the Saints   Jessie Penn-Lewis/Evan Roberts
1510 From Mourning to Morning   Salem
1511 Walking With God Through Pain &  Suffering Timothy Keller
1512 Healing After Loss   Martha Whitmore Hickman
1513 A Grace Disguised   Jerry Sittser
1514 A Grace Disguised   Jerry Sittser
1515 A Grace Disguised   Jerry Sittser
1516 Coping With Traumatic Death: Homicide   Bob Baugher, Ph D & Lew Cox
1517 When Bad Christians Happen to Good People Dave Burchett
1518 Hurt   Chap Clark
1519 The Gift of Pain   Dr. Paul Brand & Philip Yance
1520 Affliction   Edith Schaeffer
1521 Why Do God’s Children Suffer?   Vernon McGee
1522 Disappointment With God   Philip Yancey
1523 Where Is God When It Hurts?   Yancey
1524 Facing Death And the Life After   Billy Graham
1525 Rumors of Another World   Yancey
1526 Emotionally Free   Grant Mullen
1527 For Those Who Hurt   Chuck Swindoll
1528 A Tearful Celebration   Means
1529 Meeting God At a Dead End   Ron Mehl
1530 Dead Man Alive   Dr. Robert C. Anderson
1531 When Bad Things Happen to Good People People Harold Kushner
1532 When the Pieces Don’t Fit   Glaphre
1533 Pain’s Hidden Purpose   Don Baker
1534 When Heaven is Silent - Live By Faith, Not By Sight Dunn
1535 It’s OK to Yell at God…   Miller
1536 The Freedom of Forgiveness   David Augsburger
1537 Heaven   Randy Alcorn
1538 Heaven - biblical answers   Randy Alcorn
1539 In Light if Eternity   Randy Alcorn
1540 Safely Home   Randy Alcorn
1541 Heaven - Better By Far   J. Oswald Sanders
1542 One Minute After You Die   Erwin W. Lutzer
1543 Life After Death   Strauss
1544 A Better Country   Schaeffer
1545 Eternity - Reclaiming a Passion For What Endures What Endures Joseph M. Stowell
1546 How Is God Populating Heaven?   Dr. Dick Hillis
1547 Whatever Happened to Heaven?   Hunt
1548 As It Is In Heaven   Laurie
1549 To Heaven And Back     Dr. Mary C. Neal
1550 90 Minutes In Heaven   Don Piper with Cecil Murphey
1551 Classic Sermons On Death and Dying   Warren Wiersbe 
1552 The Common Ventures of Life   Trueblood
1553 Heaven Is For Real   Todd Burpo with Lynn Vincent
1554 In Heaven As On Earth   M. Scott Peck, MD
1555 Mommy, Please Don’t Cry   DeYmaz
1556 Death of a Little Child   J. Vernon McGee
1557 I’ll Hold You In Heaven   Jack Hayford
1558 Your Eternal Reward   Erwin W. Lutzer
1559 When Life is Changed Forever   Rick Taylor
1560 Through Sorrow Into Joy   Salisbury
1561 God Meant It For Good   Russell Kelfer
1562 The Upside of Down   Stowell
1563 Colors Of Goodbye   September Vaudrey
1564 Hope Again   Charles R. Swindoll
1565 Eerdman’s Handbook to the  World’s Religions Eerdman
1566 Hinduism   Yamamoto
1567 Buddhism   Yamamoto
1568 Neighboring Faiths   Winifred Corduan
1569 So, What’s the Difference? Comparing Christianity/Other Faith Fritz Ridenour
1570 World Mission Part Two   Jonathan Lewis
1571 Cultivating A Missions Active Church   ACMC
1572 Short-Term Missions Workbook   Tim Dearborn
1573 Serving as Sanders   Pirolo
1574 Today’s Allstars Missions Churches   Tom Telford
1575 Your Church Can Excel in Global Giving   Jensen
1576 Personal Encouragement & Growth For Every Missionary Dennett
1577 Perspectives On the World Christian Movement A Reader Movement Winter/Hawthorne
1578 Theology in the Context of World  Christianity Tennent
1579 Introducing World Missions   Moreau, Corwin, McGee
1580 The N. T. Order For Church & Mission- ary A.R.Hay
1581 A History of Christian Missions   Stephen Neil
1582 The Church And World Mission   Michael Griffiths
1583 Let every Tongue Confess   Urbana Advance
1584 Missions in the 21st Century   Telford/Shaw
1585 What in the World is God Doing?   Ted W. Engstrom
1586 Proclaim Christ Until He Comes   Lausanne
1587 Contemporary Theologies of Mission   Glasser & McGavran
1588 Christian Missions In Biblical Perspective Perspective  Kane
1589 Western Christians in Global Mission   Paul Borthwick
1590 What God Wants   Norm Lewis
1591 Revolution in World Missions    Yohannan
1592 Thanks a Million!   Comfort & Cameron
1593 Don’t Waste Your Life   Piper
1594 Don’t Waste Your Life   Piper
1595 Let the Nations Be Glad!   Piper
1596 A Holy Ambition   John Piper
1597 Gaining By Losing   Greear
1598 Growing Local Missionaries   Stegerwald
1599 Growing Local Missionaries   Stegerwald
1600 Serving as Senders Today   Pirolo
1604 Third Culture Kids   Pollock & Van Reken
1605 What Makes A Missionary?   Howard
1606 Overcoming Missionary Stress   Marjorie F. Foyle
1607 Then the End Will Come   Jim Montgomery
1608 The 9 Nations of North America   Joel Garreau
1609 Bonding & the Missionary Task Establishing a Sense of Belonging E. Thomas& Elizabeth Brewster
1610 Bonding & the Missionary Task Establishing a Sense of Belonging E. Thomas& Elizabeth Brewster
1611 Let the Earth Hear His Voice No. 4 The Glen Eyrie Muslim Reprt Lausanne Committee . World Evang
1612 Let the Earth Hear His Voice No. 5 Thailand Report Christ. Witns Lausanne Committee . World Evang
1613 Let the Earth Hear His Voice No. 6 Christian Witness to Chinese Lausanne Committee . World Evang
1614 Let the Earth Hear His Voice No. 7 Chr. Witns to Jewish People Lausanne Committee . World Evang
1615 Let the Earth Hear His Voice No. 10 Chr. Witns to Nominal Christians Lausanne Committee . World Evang
1616 Let the Earth Hear His Voice No. 11 Chr. Witns to New Religious Movt.s Lausanne Committee . World Evang
1617 Let the Earth Hear His Voice No. 12 Chr. Witns to Marxists Lausanne Committee . World Evang
1618 Let the Earth Hear His Voice No. 13 Chr. Witns to Muslims Lausanne Committee . World Evang
1619 Let the Earth Hear His Voice No. 14 Chr. Witns to Hindus Lausanne Committee . World Evang
1620 Let the Earth Hear His Voice No. 15 Chr. Witns to Buddhists Lausanne Committee . World Evang
1621 Let the Earth Hear His Voice No. 16 Chr. Witns to Asia And Oceana Lausanne Committee . World Evang
1622 Let the Earth Hear His Voice No. 17 Chr. Witns to Latin Amer. & Caribbn Lausanne Committee . World Evang
1623 Let the Earth Hear His Voice No. 18 Chr. Witns to Africn. Trad. Relig.s Lausanne Committee . World Evang
1624 Let the Earth Hear His Voice No. 19 Chr. Witns Nom. Chr.s Orthodox Lausanne Committee . World Evang
1625 Proclaim Christ Until He Comes No. 26 Radio in Mission Lausanne Committee . World Evang
1626 Investing For Eternity   Eugene Gurganus
1627 Let’s Quit Kidding Ourselves About  Missions Weber
1629 One Passionate Purpose!   Overseas Missionary Fellowship
1630 On the Crest of the Wave   C. Peter Wagner
1631 Student Power   Howard
1632 Anthropological Reflections on Missio- Logical Issues Hiebert
1633 Cultural Anthropology   Hiebert
1634 Cultural Intelligence   David A. Livermore
1635 Counseling Cross-Culturally   Hesselgrave
1636 Contemporary Christian Communica.s It’s Theory & Practice Engel
1637 Creating Understanding   Donald K. Smith
1638 Intercultural Communication: a Reader   Samovar& Porter
1639 Miraculous Movements   Jerry Trousdale
1640 Missionary Kid-MJ   Danielson
1641 Ministering Cross-Culturally   Lingenfelter/Mayers
1642 Red Moon Rising - How 24/7 Prayer is  Awakening a Generation Greig/Roberts
1643 Operation China Introduc. All the people Of China Hattaway
1644 Operation World 21st Century Edition   Johnstone & Mandryk
1645 Alphabet Makers   John & Caroline Miller
1646 Ministering Cross-Culturally Personal Relationships Lingenfelter/Mayers
1647 Building Strategic Relationships: Part- nering With Non-Western Missions Daniel Rickett
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1867 Building Your Marriage Home Builders Couples Series Dennis Rainey
1868 Building Your Marriage Home Builders Couples Series Dennis Rainey
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2089 Wild at Heart    John Eldredge
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2091 Wild at Heart Field Manual   John Eldredge
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2111 The Big Game Things Men Talk About  But Rarely Do Perry Underwood
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2114 Heaven On Earth   Grassi
2115 The Ultimate Hunt   Grassi
2116 The Spiritual Mentor   Grassi
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2118 Brothers!   Corsuch/Schaffer
2119 When a Good Man Falls   Lutzer
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2122 Point Man Taking New Griund   Steve Farrar
2123 Point Man   Steve Farrar
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2125 Locking Arms   Weber
2126 Spirit Warriors   Weber
2127 No Greater Power    Richard Halverson
2128 Life Questions   Operation Timothy
2129 Life Questions   Operation Timothy
2130 Man To Man   Swindoll
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2132 Standing Tall   Steve Farrar
2133 The Stewardship Of Life   Kirk Nowery
2134 Four Pillars of a Man’s Heart   Weber
2135 The Man in The Mirror   Patrick Morley
2136 Getting To Know The Man In The Mirror   Patrick Morley
2137 The Man In The Mirror   Patrick Morley
2138 The Man In The Mirror   Patrick Morley
2139 The Young Man In The Mirror   Patrick Morley
2140 The Power Of A Promise Kept   Gregg Lewis
2141 Season Of Life   Jeffrey Marx
2142 The 7 Seasons Of Man’s Life   Morley
2143 7 Seasons Of The Man in The Mirror   Morley
2144 Finishing Well   Bob Buford
2145 Nearing Home   Billy Graham
2146 The Bible Answers Senior Adults  Questions Gray
2148 Faithful & True Sexual Integrity In A  Fallen World  Laaser
2149 Not Even A Hint - Guarding Your Heart Against Lust Joshua Harris
2150 Not Even A Hint - Guarding Your Heart Study Guide Joshua Harris
2151 Out of the Shadows   Patrick Carnes, PH. D.
2152 Out of the Shadows   Patrick Carnes, PH. D.
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2154 Every Young Man’s Battle   Arterburn & Stoeker
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2156 Tactics   Fred Stoeker
2157 Pure Desire   Ted Roberts
2158 Sexaholics Anonymous   S A Literature
2159 Living With Your Husband’s Secret Wars   Means
2160 Healing Wounds of Sexual Addiction   Dr. Mark Laaser
2161 Porn Generation   Ben Shapiro
2162 Every Man’s Battle   Arterburn & Stoeker
2163 The Affair of the Mind   Laurie Hall
2164 Faithful & True - Sexual Integrity In A Fallen World  Laaser
2165 Pure Desire   Ted Roberts
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2167 Why Wait For Marriage?   Focus On the Family
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2172 Getting Ready For Marriage Workbook   Harding/Sloan
2173 The Premarital Counseling Handbook   Wright
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2175 Preparing For Marriage    Boehi, Nelson, schulte & Shadrach
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2179 The Mystery of Marriage   Mason
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2181 The Meaning of the Marriage C.D. 6 Sessions Timothy & Kathy Keller
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2183 Heart Connection   Dr.s Nancy & Ron Rockery
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2185 Focus On Marriage C.D. Focus on the Family Series
2186 Focus On Marriage C.D. Focus on the Family Series
2187 201 Great Questions For Married Couples Couples Jerry D. Jones
2188 The Measure Of A Marriage   Getz
2189 Holy Matrimony: The Image of God In The Family Steven Waterhouse
2190 Experiencing God Together   David Stoop
2191 The Marriage Book   Nicky & Sila Lee
2192 The Christ-Centered Marriage   Charles Mylander
2193 Romancing The Home   Ed Young
2194 Romantic Lovers - The Intimate Marriage Marriage David & Carol Hocking
2195 Intimate Encounters   Dr. David/Teresa Ferguson,dr. Chris
2196 Body & Soul   Storey & Kulkin with Mayo
2197 Biblical Principals Of Sex Counseling Robert D. Smith, MD
2198 The Sex Talk: A Survival Guide For  Parents Joanna Hyatt
2199 Sex And the Supremacy of Christ   Piper / Taylor
2200 Intimacy   Hershey
2201 Intimacy   Hershey
2202 Men Of Integrity 8 Steps To Intimacy   John Trent
2203 When The Flame Flickers   Discovery Series
2204 Intimate Allies   Allender/Longman
2205 Husbands & Wives - God’s Design For  The Family A Navigator Study
2206 Lonely Husbands, Lonely Wives   Dennis Rainey
2207 10 Great Dates To Energize Your Marriage Marriage Arp & Arp
2208 Questions Couples Ask   Parrot& Parrott
2209 Staying Close   Rainey
2210 Love And Respect   Eggerichs
2211 The Language Of Love   Smalley & Trent
2212 The 5 Love Languages   Chapman
2213 The 5 Love Languages    Chapman
2214 The 5 Love Languages   Chapman
2215 The 5 Love Languages   Chapman
2216 The 5 Love Needs Of Men & Women   Rosberg
2217 Finding The Love Of Your Life   Neil Clark Warren
2218 The DNA Of Relationships   Smalley
2219 Incompatability - Great Marriage!   Chuck & Barb Snyder
2220 Learning To Live With the Love of Your life Life Neil Clark Warren
2221 The Crazy Cycle Session 1 CD Dr. Emerson Eggerichs
2222 His Needs, Her Needs   Harley
2223 For Better or For Best   Gary Smalley
2224 For Better or For Best   Gary Smalley
2225 What Wives Wish Their Husbands  Knew About Women Dobson
2226 If Only  He Knew   Smalley
2227 If Only He Knew   Smalley
2228 For Men Only - Discussion Guide   Feldhahn
2229 For Men Only   Feldhahn
2230 Tips To Romance Your Husband   Family Life
2231 Tips To Romance Your Wife   Family Life
2232 The Female Brain   Louann Brizendine
2233 The Male Brain   Louann Brizendine
2234 Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus Venus John Gray, PH. D.
2235 Love For A Lifetime    Dr. James Dobson
2236 Toward A Growing Marriage   Chapman
2237 The Marriage Builder   Crabb
2238 Strike The Original Match   Swindoll
2239 The Pillars If Marriage   Wright
2240 The Triumphant Marriage   Neil Clark Warren
2241 Toward A Growing Marriage   Chapman
2242 Seasons Of Marriage   Wright
2243 Design For Christian Marriage   Dwight Hervey Small
2244 The 7 Principals For Making Marriage Work John M. Gottman, PH D Nan Silver
2245 Legacy Of Love   Tim Kimmel
2246 StayingTogether For Life-Covenant  Marriage Dr. Fred Lowery
2247 10 Lessons To Transform Your Marriage   Gottman, Gottman & DeClaire
2248 Communication - Key To Your Marriage   H. Norman Wright
2249 Fighting For Your Marriage   Markman, Stanley, Blumberg
2250 Fighting For Your Marriage   Markman, Stanley, Blumberg
2251 Whole Marriages In A Broken World   Gary Inrig
2252 Hidden Keys of a Loving Lasting Marriage   Gary Smalley 
2253 When Sinners Say “I Do” Discovering The Power of the Gospel For Marr. Dave Harvey
2254 Christian Men Who Hate Women Healing Hurting Relationships  Dr. Margaret J. Rinck
2255 The Imperfect Marriage   Darryl & Tracy Strawberry
2256 Reclaiming Surrendered Ground Pro- tecting Your Family From Spir.Att.s Jim Logan
2257 Pulling Together When You’re Pulled Apart Apart Stuart & Jill Briscoe
2258 Unglued - Making Wise Choices in the  Midst of Raw Emotions Lysa TerKeurst
2259 Reconcilable Differences - Mending  Broken Relationships Jim Talley
2260 Marriage Is For Love   Richard L. Strauss
2261 Marriage Savers - Helping Your Friends &  & Family Stay Married Michael J. McManus
2262 Hope For The Separated - Wounded Marriages Can Be Healed Gary Chapman
2263 Whose Report Will You Believe? A Testimony of Marriage Healing Marilyn Phillipps
2264 Divorce & Remarriage 4 Christian Views   H. Wayne House
2265 …And Marries Another   Craig S. Keener
2266 Can Divorced Christians Remarry?   Robert Eldredge Sr.
2267 Divorce & Remarriage in the Bible   David Instone-Brewer
2268 Divorce And Remarriage A Christian View Guy Dury
2269 Marriage, Divorce, & Remarriage in the Bible Jaye Adams
2270 Second Chance    Ray Sutton
2271 The Mother-In-Law Dance   Annie Chapman
2272 Marriage Counseling A Christian Approa ch Everett L. Worthington, Jr.
2273 Married To A Pastor’s Wife   H.B.London & Neil B. Wiseman
2274 Marriage Minutes   Robert & Cheryl Moeller
2275 Love Life For Every Married Couple   Ed Wheat, MD & Gloria O. Perkins
2276 The Top 10 Most Outrageous Couples  In the Bible David Clarke, PH D.
2278 God Guides Your Tomorrows   Palms
2279 A Slow And Certain Light   Elizabeth Elliot
2280 Discovering God’s Will - CD   Stanley
2281 Demonism   Swindoll
2282 Every Life is a Plan of God   J.Oswold Sanders
2283 The Mystery of God’s Will   Charles Swindoll
2284 God’s Will in Your Life   Ogilvie
2285 Dies God Still Guide?   Baxter
2286 Decision-making & the Will of God   Friesent
2287 Discovering God’s Will    Andy Stanley
2288 Absolutely the Will of God   Russell Kelfer
2289 Wide Awake   McManus
2290 Holiness   J.C. Ryle
2291 The Pursuit of Holiness   Jerry Bridges
2292 The Pursuit of Holiness   Jerry Bridges
2293 How in This World can I Be Holy?   Erwin W. Lutzer
2294 The Practice of Godliness    Bridges
2295 Who You Are When No One’s Looking   Bill Hybels
2296 A Life of Integrity   Howard Hendricks
2297 The Power of Integrity   MacArthur
2298 Loving God With All Your Mind   Elizabeth George
2299 God’s Story   Anne Graham Lotz
2300 The Power of Your Story For Men Participant Manual Abortion Anonymous
2301 The Power Of Your Story Participant Manual Abortion Anonymous
2302 Winning My Race   Lerner / Zano
2303 Failure: The Back Door To Success   Lutzer
2304 Gaining Through Losing   Christenson
2305 Compelled To Control   J. Keith Miller
2306 A Hunger For Healing   Miller
2307 Released From Shame   Wilson
2308 A Hunger For Healing   Miller
2309 Addictions - A Banquet in the Grave   Welch
2310 Managing Traumatic Stress Through Art   Barnes & Rankin
2311 Lord, I’m Torn Between 2 Masters   Kay Arthur
2312 Ordering Your Private World   MacDonald
2313 The Bible In Counseling   Ward
2314 People Helper Growthbook    Collins
2315 New Images - Adult Children of Dis- Disfunctional functional Families Theo Johnson
2316 The Genesis Process   Michael Dye, CADC NCAC II
2317 The 12 Steps For Christians   RPI Publishing
2318 Twelve Steps With Jesus   Williams
2319 Healing the Culture   Spitzer
2320 Instruments in the Redeemer’s Hand   Tripp
2321 From Bondage To Bonding   Groom
2322 When People Are Big & God is Small   Welch
2323 Epic Grace   Bubna
2324 The Adult Children of Alchoholics Syn- drome Kritsberg
2325 The New Testament Recovery Version  AA Edited
2327 Harnessing the Power of Fear   Dr. Ken Nichols
2328 Choosing Plan A in a Plan B World   White
2329 Counseling With the Mind of Christ   Charles Solomon
2330  You and Your Thoughts - The Power of Right Thinking Earl Radmacher
2331 How to Say No to a Stubborn Habit   Edwin W. Lutzer
2332 The Adult Children of Alcoholics  Syndrone Wayne Kritsberg
2333 Encourage Me   Charles Swindoll
2334 Encouragement   Crabb/Allender
2335 What Christians Should Know About -  Depression Anxiety Mood Swings  Dr. Grant Mullen
2336 Shattered Dreams   Larry Crabb
2337 Shattered Dreams - Workbook   Larry Crabb
2338 Effective Biblical Counseling   Crabb
2339 The Christian Counselor’s Manual   Adams
2340 The Word For the Wise   Brandt & Skinner
2341 How to Help a Friend   Paul Welter
2342 Healing For Damaged Emotions   David Seamands
2343 The Missing Peace   Les Carter
2344 The On-Purpose Person   McCarthy
2345 Emotionality Healthy Spirituality   Peter Scazzero
2346 The Power of Encouragement   Jeanne Doering
2347 The Trauma of Transparency   J. Grant Howard
2348 The Truth About You   Miller/Mattson
2349 Walking in Victory   Dennis McCallum
2350 No Longer Strangers   Bruce Larson
2351 Mentor & Friend   Timothy K. Jones
2352 Inside Out   Crabb
2353 The Pressure’s Off   Larry Crabb
2354 The Cry of the Soul   Allender & Longman
2355 Depression   Baker/Nester
2356 Spiritual Depression: It’s Causes & Cure Lloyd-Jones
2357 Coping With Depression in the Ministry & Other Helping Professions Hart
2358 Conquering Depression   Sutton & Henningan
2359 How to Win Over Depression   LaHaye
2360 Life-Changing Answers to Depression    Smith
2361 Champagne For the Soul   Mike Mason
2362 Champagne For the Soul   Mike Mason
2363 A Small Cup of Light   Ben Palpant
2364 Happiness Is A Choice   Minirth/Meier
2365 Do You Hear What You’re Thinking?   Jerry Schmidt
2666 Handbook To Happiness And You   Charles Solomon
2367 Battlefield Of the Mind Study Guide   Joyce Meyer
2368 Self-Talk: Key to Personal Growth    Stoop
2369 Self-Talk, Imagery, and Prayer in  Counseling H. Norman Wright
2370 Redemption    Mike Wilkerson
2371 Healing and the Scriptures   Lloyd-Jones
2372 Honor & Shame - Unlocking the Door   Roland Muller
2373 The Wounded Heart   Allender
2374 Life Mapping   John Trent
2375 If Christ Were Your Counselor   Dr. Chris Thurman
2376 Finding the Heart to Go On   Lynn Anderson
2377 Healing the Wounded Spirit   John & Paula Sanford
2378 Do You Hear What You’re Thinking?   Jerry Schmidt
2379 I Want Happiness NOW!   Dr. Henry Brandt
2380 Love, Acceptance And Forgiveness   Cook/Baldwin
2381 Love, Acceptance And Forgiveness   Cook/Baldwin
2382 Biblical Foundations of Freedom   Mathias
2383 Forgive For Good   Dr. Fred Luskin
2384 The Bait of  Satan   John Bevere
2385 Forgive And Forget   Lewis B. Smedes
2386 Stairway to Deception   Dr. Michael D. Sedler
2387 Courageous Gentleness   Mary Ann Froehlich
2388 More Than Coping   Elizabeth Skoglund
2389 The other Side of Love   Chapman
2390 Bold Love   Allender & Longman
2391 Love Must Be Tough   Dobson
2392 The Love Languages of God   Chapman
2393 Loving God   Colson
2394 The Reason For My Hope   Charles Stanley
2395 The Sacred Romance - Drawing Closer To the Heart of God Curtis/Eldredge
2396 He Loves Me!   Jacobsen
2397 Growing in Grace   George
2398 Love Does   Bob Goff
2399 Blue Like Jazz   Donald Miller
2400 He Loves Me - Learning to Live in the Father’s Affection Jacobsen
2401 Love Me With Touch Love   Ann Ortlund
2402 Crazy Love   Francis Chan
2403 Created to be God’s Friend   Henry Blackaby
2404 The Power of Encouragement   Jeremiah
2405 The Sustaining power of Hope   Leslie B. Flynn
2406 Harnessing the Power of Fear   Dr. Ken Nichols
2407 Boundaries Workbook    Cloud/Townsend
2408 You Are What You Love   James K.A. Smith
2409 Words That Hurt Words That Heal   Mayhall
2410 Did I Say That?   Leslie B. Flynn
2411 Stop the Runaway Conversation   Dr. Michael D. Sedler
2412 Understanding How Others  Misunderstand You Voges & Braund
2413 Don’t Let Jerks Get the Best of You Advice Dealing With Diff. People Paul Meier, M.D.
2416 The Peacemaker Workbook    Ken Sande
2417 Guidelines For Christian Conciliation   Peacemaker Ministries
2418 Guidelines For Christian Conciliation   Peacemaker Ministries
2419 Conflict Resolution Kid’s Style   Corlette Sande
2420 Conflict Resolution Kid’s Style   Corlette Sande
2421 How to Manage Conflict in the Church Conflict Interventions Spiritual Growth Resources
2422 How to Manage Conflict in the Church Dysfunctional Congregation Spiritual Growth Resources
2423 How to Manage Conflict in the Church Understanding & Managing Conflic Spiritual Growth Resources
2424 How You Can Help Me Manage Conflict More Effectively Norman Shawchuck
2425 How You Can Help Me Manage Conflict More Effectively Norman Shawchuck
2426 How You Can Help Me Manage Conflict More Effectively Norman Shawchuck
2427 How You Can Help Me Manage Conflict More Effectively Norman Shawchuck
2428 How You Can Help Me Manage Conflict More Effectively Norman Shawchuck
2429 How You Can Help Me Manage Conflict More Effectively Norman Shawchuck
2430 How You Can Help Me Manage Conflict More Effectively Norman Shawchuck
2431 The Peacemaker   Ken Sande
2432 Antagonists In the Church - Study Guide Kenneth Haugk & R.Scott Perry
2433 The Three Chairs- Experiencing  Spiritual Breakthrough Bruce Wilkinson
2434 Improving Your Serve   Swindoll
2435 Authentic Christianity   Stedman
2436 With My Whole Heart   Karen Burton Mains
2437 A Call to Christian Character   Shelley
2438 Disciplines of Grace   Hughes
2439 How to be a Motivated Christian    Briscoe
2440 Soul Shaping   Douglas J. Mumford
2441 Seizing Your Divine moments   Rafael & McManus
2442 Waking the Dead   John Eldredge
2443 Spiritual Discernment & the Mind of Christ Francis Frangipane
2444 The Call   Os Guiness
2445 Radical Together   David Platt
2446 A Guide to Spiritual Success   Evans
2447 The Adventure of Living   Paul Tournier
2448 Sacred Thirst - Meeting God in the Fesert of Our  Desert of Our Longings M. Craig Barnes
2449 Imagine Meeting Him    Rasmussen
2450 Seduction of the Heart   LaHaye & Hindson
2451 Stewards In the Kingdom   Rodin
2452 God’s Forever Feast   Dr. Paul Brand
2453 The Grace Awakening   Charles Swindoll
2454 Dropping Your Guard   Charles Swindoll
2455 Finding Peace   Charles Stanley
2456 Walking With God   John Eldredge
2457 Enthralled With God   Rob Fischer
2458 The End of Religion    Cavey
2459 Walking Wisely   Charles Stanley
2460 Say Yes!   Palau
2461 Messages if God’s Abundance   Corrie Ten Boom
2463 Healing the Wounded   White & Blue
2464 The Renewed Mind   Christenson
2465 The Power of Biblical Thinking   Keiper
2466 Self-Confrontation   Broger
2467 Walking As Jesus Walked   Spader
2468 The Disciplemaker   Derickson& Radmacher
2469 An Urgent Call To a Serious Faith   Hunt
2470 Saturate   Jeff Vandersteldt
2471 Growing True Disciples   George Barna
2472 The Disciple-Making Pastor   Bill Hull
2473 Successful Discipling   Allen Hadidian
2474 Marching Orders   J. Carl Laney
2475 Becoming a Disciple-Making Church   Neil T. Anderson
2476 God’s Story For  You   Neil T. Anderson
2477 Thirty Discipleship Exercises   Billy Graham Evangelistic Assoc.
2478 Thirty Discipleship Exercises   Billy Graham Evangelistic Assoc.
2479 Thirty Discipleship Exercises   Billy Graham Evangelistic Assoc.
2480 One To One Discipling   Al & Lorraine Broom
2481 How To Start Small Groups For Men   Men’s Leadership Library
2483 Your Life In Christ   Design For Discipleship
2484 The Spirit-Filled Christian   Design For Discipleship
2485 Walking With Christ   Design For Discipleship
2486 Walking With Christ   Design For Discipleship
2487 Walking With Christ   Design For Discipleship
2488 The character Of the Christian 3   Design For Discipleship
2489 The Character Of the Christian 3   Design For Discipleship
2490 The Character of the Christian 4   Design For Discipleship
2491 The Character Of the Christian 4   Design For Discipleship
2492 Foundations For Faith   Design For Discipleship
2493 Foundations For Faith   Design For Discipleship
2494 Foundations For Faith   Design For Discipleship
2495 Foundations For Faith   Design For Discipleship
2496 Growth In Discipleship   Design For Discipleship
2497 Growth In Discipleship   Design For Discipleship
2498 Growth In Discipleship   Design For Discipleship
2499 Growth In Discipleship   Design For Discipleship
2500 Growth In Discipleship   Design For Discipleship
2501 The Life Of Fellowship   Design For Discipleship
2502 The Life Of Hope   Design For Discipleship
2503 The Life Of Victory   Design For Discipleship
2504 First Steps   CBMC Publications 
2505 Operation Timothy    CBMC Publications 
2506 Operation Timothy Leadership Guide   CBMC Publications 
2507 True Discipleship   Wm. MacDonald
2508 The Mark Of the Christian   Francis A. Schaeffer
2509 The Mark Of the Christian   Francis A. Schaeffer
2510 What Every Christian Should Know  About Growing Leroy Eims
2511 The Dynamics Of Personal Follow-Up   Gary Kuhne
2512 30 Discipleship Exercises   Billy Graham Evangelistic Assoc.
2513 Lessons On Assurance   The Navigators
2514 Born To Reproduce   The Navigators
2515 Kept Fir the Master’s Use   Frances Havergal
2516 Now That You’re a Christian   Bickel &  Jantz
2517 Anatomy Of a Movement   Sam Metcalf
2518 Care Of Souls   David G. Benner
2519 A Place Of Quiet Rest   Nancy Leigh DeMoss 
2520 The Stranger On the Road To Emmaus   John R. Cross
2521 Growing Your Soul   Wiseman
2522 Joy That Lasts   Gary Smalley & with Al Janssen
2523 How To Begin the Christian Life   Sweeting
2524 The Masterplan Of Discipleship    Robert E. Coleman
2525 What on Earth Am I Here For? CD   Rick Warren
2526 Jesus The Disciple-maker   Inter-Varsity Bible Study
2527 Disciples Are Made Not Born   Walter Henrichson
2528 Now, Discover your Strengths   Marcus Buckingham & Dld. Clifton
2529 Go Put Your Strengths To Work   Marcus Buckingham 
2530 Strenghthsfinder   Tom Rath
2531 Morning And Evening   Spurgeon
2532 Awake My Heart   J. Sidlow Baxter
2533 Renewed Day By Day   Tozer
2534 Down To Earth   Lawrence
2535 All I Want Is You   Sandy Millar
2536 The Green Letters - principals Of Spirit-  tual Growth  Miles Stanford
2537 The Green Letters - principals Of Spirit-  tual Growth  Miles Stanford
2538 Balancing The Christian Life   Ryrie
2539 The Normal Christian Life   Watchman Nee
2540 The Life That Wins   Watchman Nee
2541 Abundant Living   E. Stanley Jones
2542 Holy Contradictions   Flynn
2543 That Incredible Christian   Tozer
2544 The Christian’s Secret Of a Happy Life   Hannah Whitehall Smith
2545 In His Steps   Sheldon
2546 The Root Of The Righteous   Tozer
2547 Make Love Your Aim   Price
2548 The practice Of the Presence Of God   Brother Lawrence
2549 Hinds’ Feet On High Places   Hannah Hurnard
2550 Going Deep   Gordon Macdonald
2551 Daily With the King   Evans
2552 Gleanings Among the Sheaves   Spurgeon
2553 The Utmost For the Highest   Oswald Chambers
2554 Solo - An Uncommon Devotional   Navpress Bible Study
2555 Jesus Calling   Sarah Young
2556 Wisdom For the Way   Swindoll
2557 Irrepressible Hope   Women Of Faith Devotional
2558 Time To Get Serious   Evans
2559 Wild Goose Chase   Batterson
2560 He Still Moves Stones   Max Lucado
2561 A Gentle Thunder   Max Lucado
2566 The Billy Graham Christian Worker’s  Handbook Billy Graham
2567 Church Staff Handbook   Harold Westing
2568 Shepherding The Church Into The 21st Century Joseph M. Stowell
2569 Pastors At Risk - Help For Pastors -  Hope For The Church London & Wiseman
2570 The Renegade Pastor   Nelson Searcy
2571 The Wounded Minister   Guy Greenfield
2572 Brothers We Are Not Professionals   John Piper
2573 Leading With A Limp   Dan Allender, PH. D.
2574 Creative Ministry   Henri Nouwen
2575 The Heart Of A Great Pastor   London& Wiseman
2576 Shepherding God’s Flock   Adams
2577 Shepherding The Church   Joseph Stowell
2578 Resilient Ministry   Burns & Guthrie
2579 The Shepherd’s Guidebook   Ralph Neighbour
2580 Escape From Church Inc.   Glenn Wagoner
2581 The Care Of Souls   Senkbell
2582 From Christendom To Apostolic Mission   University Of Mary
2583 On Being A Pastor   Prime & Begg
2584 5 Smooth Stones For Pastoral Work   Peterson
2585 The Disciple-making Pastor   Hull
2586 The Reformed Pastor   Richard Baxter
2587 Mastering Pastoral Care   Larson, Anderson & Self
2588 Biblical Eldership   Strauch
2589 Elders & Leaders   Gene Getz
2590 The Making Of A Leader   Clinton
2591 Serving As An Elder   Ronald Johnson
2592 Boards That Make A Difference   Carver
2593 Improving Your Serve   Swindoll
2594 Christ In The Seasons of Ministry   John Killinger
2595 How To Lead & Still Have A Life   H. Dale Burke
2596 Entre Leadership   Dave Ramsey
2597 The Senior Minister   Schaller
2598 Leadership Essentials   Craig Groeschel
2599 Overcoming The Dark Side of Leader- ship McIntosh
2600 The Top 10 Mistakes Leaders Make   Hans Finzel
2601 The 21 Irrefutable Laws Of Leadership   John Maxwell
2602 The 21 Irrefutable Laws Of Leadership   John Maxwell
2603 The 17 Indisputable Laws of Teamwork   John Maxwell
2604 Developing The Leader Within You   John Maxwell
2605 The 21 Most Powerful Minutes In A  Leader’s Day John Maxwell
2606 Developing The Leaders Around You   John Maxwell
2607 The Pastor’s Soul - Leading With Integ- rity Smith
2608 Leading & Managing Your Church   George Logan
2609 Turning Vision Into Action   George Barna
2610 Leading Congregational Change   Herrington, Bonem & Furr
2611 Leading Congregational Change Work Book Furr, Bonem & Herrington
2612 Switch   Chip Heath & Dan Heath
2613 Dying For Change   Leith Anderson
2614 Managing Transitions   William Bridges
2615 Leading Change   O’Toole
2616 Who Moved My Cheese?   Spencer Johnson, M.D.
2617 A Church For The 21st Century   Leith Anderson
2618 Leadership For The 21st Century   Boehme
2619 Strengths Based Leadership    Tom Rath & Barry Conchie
2620 Building Effective Lay Leadership Teams Teams George Barna
2621 The Ascent Of A Leader   Thrall, McNichol, McElrath
2622 Agape Leadership   Peterson & Strauch
2623 Dedication & Leadership   Hyde
2624 The Leadership Secrets Of Billy Graham   Myra & Shelley
2625 The Significance Principal   Carter & Underwood
2626 20/20 Vision   Dale Galloway
2627 Developing a Vision For Ministry   Malphurs
2628 The Power Of Vision   George Barna
2629 Leadership   James, MacGregor, Burns
2630 A Tale Of 3 Kings   Gene Edwards
2631 Shepherding Horses   Kent Humphreys
2632 Color Outside The Lines   Howard G. Hendricks
2633 Leadership Coaching   Tony Stoltzfus
2634 Leaders On Leadership   George Barna
2635 Courageous Leadership   Bill Hybels
2636 Eating The Elephant   Rainer
2637  - Using Ancient Wisdom For Visionary Leadership - Jesus, CEO Laurie Beth Jones
2638 Leadership Is An Art   Max Depree
2639 Incarnate Leadership   Bill Robinson
2640 Studying congregations   Handbook
2641 Who’s In Charge?    Anderson, Hayford & Patterson
2642 Church Signs Across America   Steve & Pam Paulson
2643 Sharpening The Focus Of the Church   Getz
2644 Rediscovering Church   Hybels & Hybels
2645 One Lord, One Faith - Cross Denomin- ational Renewal Koivisto
2646 The Nature Of the Church   Radmacher
2647 The Church In God’s Program   Robert L. Saucy
2648 The Presence   Rowlands
2649 Simple Church   Rainer & Geiger
2650 The Body Study Guide Being Light In Darkness Charles Colson
2651 The Body - Being Light In the Darkness   Charles Colson
2652 The Purpose Driven Church   Rick Warren
2653 The Emerging Church   Dan Kimball
2654 Planting New Churches In A Postmod- ern Age Ed Stetzer
2655 Planting Missional Churches   Ed Stetzer
2656 Understanding Church Growth   Donald MacGavren
2657 The Second Coming Of the Church   George Barna
2658 Transforming Leadership   Ford
2659 Upside Down   Rinehart
2660 Setting Your Church Free   Neil Anderson, Charles Mylander
2661 The Emotionally Healthy Church   Scazzero
2662 A Guide To Church Discipline   Carl Laney
2663 The Present Future   McNeil
2664 The Church Of Irresistible Influence    Lewis/Wilkins
2665 Break Out Churches   Rainer
2666 The Forgotten Ways   Alan Hirsch
2667 Culture Of Honor   Danny Silk
2668 Deep And Wide   Andy Stanley
2669 The Safest Place On Earth   Larry Crabb
2670 Connecting   Larry Crabb
2672 The Connecting Church   Frazee
2673 Church Distributed   Dr. Joel C. Hunter
2674 How To Lead Small Group Bible Studies   Navpress Bible Study
2675 Cultivating A Life For God   Neil Cole
2676 Making Small Groups Work   Cloud Townsend 
2677 Successful Home Cell Groups   Dr. Paul Yonggi Cho
2678 Building Up One Another   Getz
2679 Building People Through A Caring Sharing  Fellowship Bubna Ricketts
2680 Creating Community   Prior
2681 Creating Community   Stanley & Willets
2682 Connecting   Stanley & Clinton
2683 Radical Hospitality   Pratt
2685 How To Multiply Your Church   Ralph Moore
2686 Starting A New Church   Ralph Moore
2687 Let Go of The Ring   Ralph Moore
2688 Planting Growing Churches for the 21st Century  Malphurs
2689 The Coming Church Revolution   George
2690 The Shaping Of Things To Come   Frost Hirsch
2691 The Meeting of the Waters   Fritz Kling
2692 Renewing Your Church Through Vision A And Planning Marshall Shelley
2693 How To Start A New Service   Arn
2694 Church Is A Team Sport   Jim Putman
2695 Advanced Strategic Planning   Aubrey Malphus
2696 44 Questions For Church Planters   Schaller
2697 Why Nobody Wants To Go To Church   Schultz
2702 Unleashing The Church   Frank Tillapaugh
2703 Finding Them, Keeping Them   McIntosh & Martin
2704 21 Bridges To the 21st Century   Schaller
2705 Marketing The Church   Barna
2706 Prepare Your Church For the Future   George
2707 The post-church Christian   Paul & Carson Nyquist
2708 Lost & Found   Ed Stetzer
2709 Consumer Religion   Miller
2710 Focus On People In Church Education   Lois E. LeBar
2711 Radical Together   David Platt
2712 Ablaze For God   Wesley L. Duewel
2713 The Making Of A Christian Leader   Ted Engstrom
2714 Radical Together   David Platt
2715 The Church God Blesses   Jim Cymbala
2716 The Eleventh Commandment   Peter Cotterell
2717 God’s Way To Keep a Church Going & Growing Gerber
2718  The Rabbit & the Elephant   Tony & Felicity Dale & Geo. Barna
2719 Liberating Ministry From the Success Syndrome Kent & Barbara Hughes
2720 A Tale of Two Churches   Carey
2721 We Belong Together   Bruce Milne
2722 The Church - the Body Of Christ   MacArthur
2723 I Like Church, But…   Daniel Lupton
2724 I Am A Church Member   Thom S. Rainer
2725 Life Together - The Classic Exploration Of Faith in Community Bonhoeffer
2726 The Team Concept   Cormack
2727 Team Spirit   Cormack
2728 The 5 Disfunctions Of a Team   Patrick Lencioni
2729 Teamwork Is An Individual Skill   Christopher N. Avery
2730 Sticky Teams   Osborn
2731 Doing Church As A Team   Wayne Cordiero
2732 The Monkey And the Fish   Dave Gibbons
2733 Relationships - Building Bridges One Life At a Time John Repsold - Family Studyguide
2734 An Unstoppable Force   McManus
2735 The Church Of Irresistible Influence   Lewis/ Wilkins
2736 What Is the Church & Why Dies it Exist?   Fitch
2737 The Living Body   Halverson
2738 One Size Doesn’t Fit All   McIntosh
2739 Let My People Go   Lindgren & Shawchuck
2740 The Tangible Kingdom   Halter Smay
2741 Managing the Congregation   Shawchuck . Heuser
2742 Twelve Challenges Churches Face   Mark Dever
2745 The New Covenant Unveiled   David Wilkerson
2746 The Disciple-making Church   Hull
2747 Nine Marks Of A Healthy Church   Mark Dever
2748 Is My Church What God Meant It To Be ? Gary L. Hauck
2749 The Problem of Wine Skins   Snyder
2750 The Problem of Wine Skins Study Guide   Snyder
2751 Well-Intentioned Dragons   Shelley
2752 When the Saints Come Storming In   Flynn
2753 What On Earth Are We Doing?   Fischer
2754 Redeeming Power   Langberg
2755 Leading Your Church Through Conflict & Reconciliation Marshall Shelley
2756 A House Divided   Whitesel & Hunter
2757 Christian Conciliation Handbook   Institute For Christian conciliation
2758 Until Unity   Francis Chan
2759 Loyalty And Disloyalty   Dag Heward-Mills
2760 Free To Disagree   John Wecks
2761 The Interventionist   Schaller
2762 The Seven-Day-A-Week Church   Schaller
2763 The New Reformation   Schaller
2764 The Master Plan For  the Church   MacArthur
2765 Anatomy Of A Movement   Sam Metcalf
2766 Barefoot Church   Brandon Hatmaker
2767 AND   Halter & Smay
2768 Church Without Walls   Petersen
2769 The Lighthouse Movement   Dr. Cornell Hahn
2770 The Blogging Church   Bailey . Storch
2771 Exponential   Ferguson & Ferguson
2772 A Theology As Big As The City   Ray Bakke
2773 City Reaching   Dennison
2774 City-Wide prayer Movements   White
2775 I’m Gonna Let It Shine   Jim Montgomery
2776 Primary Purpose   Ted Haggard
2777 Discovering Your City   Bob Waymire & Carl  Townsend
2778 Neighborhood Mapping   Fuder
2779 Living Your City Into the Kingdom   Ted Haggard & Jack Hayford
2780 Evangelism In the Early Church   Michael Green
2781 Evangelism & Sovereignty   J.I.Packer
2782 I Hate Witnessing   Innes
2783 The Master Plan Of Evangelism   Coleman
2784 Telling Others   Nicky Gumbel
2785 Questions Of Life   Nicky Gumbel
2786 How To Give Away Your Faith   Paul E. Little
2787 What’s Gone Wrong With the Harvest?   Engel & Norton
2788 It’s Time To Be Bold   Michael W. Smith
2789 Organic Outreach For Churches   Kevin G. Harney
2790 Gospel Reset   Ham
2791 The Power Of Partnership   World Missions Group
2792 Inside the Mind Of Unchurched Harry & Mary Mary Strobel
2793 So You Don’t Want to Go to Church Anymore? Jake Colson
2794 Say It With Love   Hendricks
2795 Organic Outreach For Ordinary People   Kevin Harney
2796 Loving People To Jesus   Alvin VanderGriend
2797 Christian Life & Witness Course   Billy Graham
2798 Evangelistic Bible Studies - Leaders Guide Guide The Navigators
2799 Announcing the Reign Of God   Mortimer Arias
2800 God’s Word, God’s World   Charles Swindoll
2801 Out of the Salt Shaker & Into the World Evangelism As a Way of Life Rebecca Manley Pippert
2802 Inside the Mind of Unchurched Harry & Mary Strobel
2803 50 Ways You Can Share Your Faith   Campolo & Aeschliman
2804 How To Share Christ Confidently   Concordia Tracts
2805 52 Simple Ways To Share Your Faith   Roberta Hromas
2806 Share Jesus Without Fear   William Fay
2807 How To Give Away Your Faith   Paul E. Little
2808 Christian Life And Witness   Billy Graham Evangelistic Assoc.
2809 Conspiracy Of Kindness   Sjogren
2810 Mastering Outreach & Evangelism   Christianity Today Inc.
2811 CD Talking To People Who Seldom Talk  About God Larry Moyer & Cam Abell
2812 Introducing Jesus   Peter Scazzero
2813 Just Walk Across the Room   Bill Hybels
2814 Questioning Evangelism   Randy Newman
2815 The Mind Changers   Griffin
2816 The Next Christians   Gabe Lyons
2817 Evangelism For the Faint-Hearted   Floyd Schneider
2818 If You Want To Walk On Water, You’ve Got to Get Out of the Boat John Ortberg
2819 Conversational Evangelism   David & Norman Geisler
2820 How To Teach Secular People   George G. Hunter, III
2821 Grow Your Church From the Outside In   George Barna
2822 Life-Style Evangelism   Joseph Aldrich
2823 Gentle Persuasion   Joseph Aldrich
2824 Becoming A Contagious Christian   Hybel
2825 Evangelism Explosion   D. James Kennedy
2826 Evangelism That Works   George Barna
2827 Re-Churching the Unchurched   George Barna
2828 Share Jesus Without Fear   William Fay $ Ralph Hodge
2829 Becoming A Contagious Christian ChristianMittleberg, Strobel DVD’s Mittelberg, Strobel, Hybels
2830 Becoming A Contagious Christian Participant’s Guide Mittelberg, Strobel, Hybels
2831 Becoming A Contagious Christian Resource CD ROM Mittelberg, Strobel, Hybels
2832 Becoming A Contagious Christian Participant’s Guide Mittelberg, Strobel, Hybels
2833 Becoming A Contagious Christian Book Mittelberg, Strobel, Hybels
2834 Becoming A Contagious Christian DVD Video Mittelberg, Strobel, Hybels
2835 Older Youth Starter Kit Manuals, Posters Etc.  
2836 The Alpha Course    
2837 Fearlessly Feminine   Ortlund
2838 The Facts Of Life   Lisa Whelchel
2839 Captivating   John & Stasi Eldredge
2840 Having A Mary Heart In A Martha World   Joanna Weaver
2841 We Are Sisters   Brestin
2842 Girls With Swords   Lisa Bevere
2843 Girls With Swords   Lisa Bevere
2844 To Live Is Christ - Leadership Kit   Beth Moore
2845 Children Of the Day 1-2 Thess.s Leadership Kit Beth Moore
2846 Faithful, Abundant, True Leadership Kit Arthur, Shirer, Moore
2847 Esther - It’s Tough Being A Woman Leadership Kit Beth Moore
2848 Breaking Free Leadership Kit Beth Moore
2849 Breaking Free - Leader Guide   Beth Moore
2850 Breaking Free - Updated Edition   Beth Moore
2851 Living Beyond Yourself   Beth Moore
2852 A Woman’s Heart   Beth Moore
2853 A Woman’s Bible Study Devotional A New Song - Book Concordia
2854 DVD A New Song All of Your Wonderful Deeds Concordia
2855 DVD A New Song Planted By Streams   Concordia
2856 Women: God’s Secret Weapon   Ed Silvoso
2857 Choose Joy   Kay Warren
2858 So Long, Insecurity   Beth Moore
2859 His Imprint, My Expression   Arthur
2860 The Heart of a Woman   Jim Anderson
2861 God, Are You There?   Kay Arthur
2862 Life Is Tough But God is Faithful   Sheila Walsh
2863 God Uses Cracked Pots   Clairmont
2864 Uninvited   Lysa TerKeurst
2865 Recipes And Wooden Spoons   Judy Baer
2866 13 Jars   Rob Fischer
2867 Bible Readings For Women   Klug
2868 Being A Woman Of God   Ginger Gabriel
2869 Shelter For The Spirit   Victoria Moran
2870 Breaking Free   Beth Moore
2871 All The Women of The Bible   Deen
2872 Here Am I, Lord…Send Somebody Else   Jill Briscoe
2873 The Search For Significance Workbook   Robert S. McGee
2874 The Search For Significance   Robert S. McGee
2875 The Search For Significance Workbook & Book Robert S. McGee
2876 The Search For Significance Workbook & Book Robert S. McGee
2877 The Search For Significance Workbook & Book Robert S. McGee
2878 Who Am I? And What Difference Does It Make? David L. Hocking
2879 Deeper Connections - The parables Of Jesus Jesus Williams
2880 Deeper Connections - The parables Of Jesus Jesus Williams
2881 Deeper Connections - The parables Of Jesus Jesus Williams
2882 Deeper Connections - the Parables Of  Jesus Williams
2883 Deeper Connections - The Prayers Of Jesus Williams
2884 Deeper Connections - The Prayers Of Jesus Williams
2885 Deeper Connections - The Prayers Of Jesus Williams
2886 The Gospel of John   Alpha Resources
2887 The Gospel of John   Alpha Resources
2888 The Gospel of John   Alpha Resources
2889 The Gospel of John   Alpha Resources
2890 The Gospel of John   Alpha Resources
2891 The Gospel of John   Alpha Resources
2892 The Gospel of John   Alpha Resources
2893 The Gospel of John   Alpha Resources
2894 The Gospel of John   Alpha Resources
2895 The Gospel of John   Alpha Resources
2896 God’s Story For You   Neil T. Anderson
2897 Your New Identity   Neil T. Anderson
2898 Your Foundation In Christ   Neil T. Anderson
2899 Growing In Christ   Neil T. Anderson
2900 Your Life In Christ   Neil T. Anderson
2901 Your Authority In Christ   Neil T. Anderson
2902 Victory over The Darkness   Neil T. Anderson
2903 Victory Over the Darkness   Neil T. Anderson
2904 Victory Over the Darkness Study Guide Neil T. Anderson
2905 2 Study Guide Neil T. Anderson
2906 The Purpose Driven Life What On Earth Am I Here For? Rick Warren
2907 The Purpose Driven Life  What On Earth Am I Here For? Rick Warren
The Purpose Driven Life  What On Earth Am I Here For? Rick Warren
2909 A Hunger For Healing - The 12 Steps As A  A Classic Model For Christians Miller
2910 A Hunger For Healing - The 12 Steps As A  A Classic Model For Christians Miller
2911 A Hunger For Healing - The 12 Steps As A  A Classic Model For Christians Miller
2912 A Hunger For Healing - The 12 Steps As A  A Classic Model For Christians Miller
2913 A Hunger For Healing - The 12 Steps As A  A Classic Model For Christians Miller
2914 A Hunger For Healing - The 12 Steps As  A Classic Model For Christians Miller
2915 The Presence - DVD   Rowlands
2916 The Presence - DVD   Rowlands 
2917 The Presence - DVD   Rowlands 
2918 The Presence - Participant’s Guide   Rowlands 
2919 The Presence - Participant’s Guide   Rowlands 
2920 Spiritual Leadership - commitment to   growth series J. Oswald Sanders
2921 Spiritual Leadership - commitment to   growth series J. Oswald Sanders
2922 Spiritual Leadership - Guide To Working  Effectively With People J. Oswald Sanders
2923 Spiritual Discipleship - With Study Guide Guide J. Oswald Sanders
2924 Spiritual Leadership   J. Oswald Sanders
2925 Spiritual Leadership   J. Oswald Sanders
2926 Spiritual Leadership    J. Oswald Sanders
2927 Spiritual Leadership    J. Oswald Sanders
2928 Spiritual Leadership   J. Oswald Sanders
2929 Network - The Right People In the Right  Places…For the Right Reasons Bugbee, Cousins, Hybels
2930 Network - The Right People In the Right  Places…For the Right Reasons Bugbee, Cousins, Hybels
2931 The Volunteer Revolution   Bill Hybels
2932 The Volunteer Revolution   Bill Hybels
2933 The Volunteer Revolution   Bill Hybels
2934 Incarnate Leadership   Robinson
2935 Incarnate Leadership   Robinson
2936 Incarnate Leadership   Robinson
2937 The Spirit-Filled Followers Of Jesus DFD2 The Navigators
2938 The Spirit-Filled Followers Of Jesus DFD2 The Navigators
2939 The Spirit-Filled Followers Of Jesus DFD2 The Navigators
2940 Your Life In Christ - DFD1   The Navigators
2941 Leaders Guide DFD The Navigators
2942 Business God’s Way - Small Group Study Study Compass 
2943 Life Vision - A Tool For Developing A Vision for My Life Creative Leadership Ministries
2944 Biblical Financial Study  - Small Group Student Manual Crown Financial Ministries
2945 Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace Univer- sity 91 Ways to Best Debt… Dave Ramsey
2946 The Financial Planning Workbook   Burkett
2947 How to Manage Conflict Your Money   Burkett
2948 Good Sense - Budget Course   Towner & Tofilon
2949 Tithing   Kendall
2950 Biblical Financial Study   Crown Financial Ministries
2950A Business God’s Way Small Group Study Compass
2951 God’s Plan For Financial Giving Student Guide Biblical Stewardship Series
2952 God’s Plan For Financial Giving Study Guide Biblical Stewardship Series
2953 God’s Plan For Financial Success Cultural Biblical Stewardship Series
2954 God’s Plan For Financial Success Cultural Biblical Stewardship Series
2955 God’s Plan For Financial Success Estate Planning Biblical Stewardship Series
2956 God’s Plan For Financial Success Estate Planning Biblical Stewardship Series
2957 God’s Plan For Financial Success Debt Biblical Stewardship Series
2958 God’s Plan For Financial Success Debt Biblical Stewardship Series
2959 God’s Plan For Financial Success Investing Biblical Stewardship Series
2960 God’s Plan For Financial Success Investing Biblical Stewardship Series
2961 God’s Plan For Financial Success Foundational Biblical Stewardship Series
2962 God’s Plan For Financial Success Foundational Biblical Stewardship Series
2963 Your New Money Mindset   Hewitt & Moline
2964 Your New Money Mindset   Hewitt & Moline
2965 Your New Money Mindset   Hewitt & Moline
2966 Your New Money Mindset   Hewitt & Moline
2967 Your New Money Mindset   Hewitt & Moline
2968 Your New Money Mindset   Hewitt & Moline
2969 Your New Money Mindset   Hewitt & Moline
2970 Your New Money Mindset   Hewitt & Moline
2971 Your New Money Mindset   Hewitt & Moline
2972 Financial Peace Revisited   Dave Ramsey
2973 More Than Enough   Dave Ramsey
2974 Aftershock - Protect Yourself & Profit In the Next Global Financial Meltdn Wiedemer, Wiedemer & Spitzer
2975 The Bank On Yourself Revolution   Pamela Yellen
2976 Aftershock’s High Income Guide   Andrew Packer
2977 Fiscal Hangover   Fitz-Gerald
2978 Biblical Economics   O’Keef
2979 Gift Of A Lifetime   J. Gregory Pope
2980 The Golden Cow   White
2981 The Millionaire Next Door   Stanley & Danko
2982 The Debt-Free Church   Berg & Burgess
2983 Money, Possessions & Eternity   Alcorn
2984 Wealth, Riches & Money   Craig Hill & Earl Pitts
2985 Tongue In Check   Stowell
2986 The Success Fantasy   Anthony Campolo, Jr.
2987 Investing With Integrity   Randy Alcorn
2988 The Retirement Threat   Tony Lamb, Dave Duffy
2989 How To Be Happy Giving Your Money Away Away E.M. Clark
2990 Hilarious Generosity   Charles Swindoll
2991 Living More With Less   Doris Janzen Longacre
2992 The Tree Of Life - From the Salesian Collection Sara Tarascio
2993 Secure   David Wilkerson
2994 Surviving the 90’s Economy   Burkett
2995 God’s Plan To Protect His People In the Coming Depression Wilkerson
2996 The Treasure Principle - Discovering the  Secret Of Joyful Giving Alcorn
2997 Unlocking The Secret Of Joyful Giving   Alcorn
2999 Unlocking the Secret Of Joyful Giving   Alcorn
3000 The Treasure Principle - Discovering the Secret Of Joyful Giving Alcorn
3001 We Stand Together   Cooper
3002 Waiting   Patterson
3003 Wealth Conundrum   Ralph Doudera
3004 Giving: God’s Way   John F. MacArthur, Jr.
3005 Navigating the Mortgage Maze   Dale Vermillion
3006 Answers To Your Family’s Financial  Questions Burkett
3007 7 Myths On Racial Reconciliation 7 Reasons Why We Should Study Rev. Wayne Perryman
3008 Breaking Down Walls   Washington/Kehrein
3009 Prayer   Laubach
3010 Power Through Prayer   Bounds
3011 Roadmap To Reconciliation   Brenda McNeil
3012 Prayerwalking   Hawthorn & Kendrick
3013 The Book of Common Prayer   The Episcopal Churchl
3014 The Power of Prayer   R.A.Torrey
3015 Contemplative Prayer   Thomas Merton
3016 Beginning To Pray   Anthony Bloom
3017 Adventures In Prayer   Catherine Marshall
3018 Prayer A Holy Occupation   Oswald Chambers
3019 Praying Hyde   Francis McGaw
3020 The Practice Of The Presence Of God   Brother Lawrence
3021 With Christ In The School Of Prayer   Andrew Murray
3022 Two Are Better Than One   Mains & Bell
3023 The Green Letters   Miles Stanford
3024 Waiting On God   Andrew Murray
3025 Waiting On God   Andrew Murray
3026 Something Happens When Churches Pray Pray Wiersbe
3027 How To Pray   Torrey
3028 Rees Howells Intercessor   Norman Grubb
3029 Intercessory Prayer   Dutch Sheets
3030 How Do I Pray For My Neighbors   Alvin Vander Griend
3031 If My People…40 Day Prayer Guide For Our Nation Jack Countryman
3032 Praying For America   Dutch Sheets
3033 The Hour That Changes The World   Eastman
3034 The Circle Maker - Draw The Circle   Batterson
3035 Prayer: Key To Revival   Paul Cho
3036 The Pastor In Prayer   C.H. Spurgeon
3037 The Power of A Praying Nation   Omartian
3038 Don’t Just Stand There - Pray Something Something Ronald Durm
3039 Everything Belongs   Richard Rohr
3040 Discovering Prayer   David Needham
3046 Prayer Ministry Training DVD   Sandy Millar
3047 A Cup Of Comfort - Big Book Of Prayer   Susan Townsend
3048 Deeper Connections / The Prayers Of Jesus Jesus DVD Williams
3049 What Happens When We Pray For Our Families Families Christenson
3050 What Happens When Women Pray   Evelyn Christenson
3051 Prayers Of A Loving Mother   Brighton Books
3052 The Church On It’s Knees   Jeremy Jennings
3053 The Prayer of Jabez   Bruce Wilkenson
3054 Touch The World Through Prayer   Wesley L. Duewel
3055 I’ve Got To Talk To Somebody, God   Marjorie Holmes
3056 Pocket Prayers   Savage
3057 When Paul Prayed   Vernon McGee
3058 Do You Hear Me? Are You Listening?   Heidi Rogers
3059 When God’s People Pray - Participants’ Guide Cymbala
3060 When God’s People Pray - Participants’ Guide Cymbala
3061 The Struggle Of Prayer   Bloesch
3062 A Watchman’s Guide To Praying God’s Promises Eastman
3063 How To Improve Your Prayer Life   Miller
3064 Praying The Lord’s Prayer For Spiritual Break Breakthrough Elmer L. Downs
3065 Intercessory Prayer - The Beginner’s  Guide Dutch Sheets
3066 Help Thanks Wow The Three Essential Prayers Ann Lamott
3067 The Answer Is Prayer    Morris Venden
3068 Prayin Together For True Revival   Jonathan Edwards
3069 Too Busy Not To Pray   Hybels
3070 The God Who Hears   Hunter
3071 C.H.Spurgeon’s Prayers   C.H. Spurgeon
3072 Prayer - The Great Adventure   Jeremiah
3073 The Transforming Friendship   James Houston
3074 The Key To His Kingdom - Praying In  The Word Of God Kathleen Grant
3075 Prayer Vigil   Fourth Memorial Church
3076 With One Cry   Butts
3077 When God Doesn’t Answer Your Prayers Prayers Sittser
3078 Prayer, Language Of The Soul   Phillip Dunn
3079 Prayer   Yancey
3080 Tell It Slant   Peterson
3081 The Elijah Task   John & Paula Sanford
3082 Let God Guide You Daily   Duewel
3083 A Center Of Quiet   Runcorn
3084 Partners In Prayer   John Maxwell
3085 Prayers Of A God Chaser   Tenney
3086 The Prayers Of Peter Marshall   Peter Marshall
3087 Celtic Blessings   Simpson
3088 Before Amen   Max Lucado
3090 City Of Prayer   Kent & Bowman
3091 With Christ In The School Of Prayer   Andrew Murray