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Pastor's Weekly Update

Behind Enemy Lines

Posted by John Repsold on

Dear Mosaic Family,

For some reason, I find myself reading a couple of very interesting books right now dealing with the lives of various people during WWII.  (Martin Gilbert’s The Righteous and Tom Brokaw’s The Greatest Generation) Maybe it’s my impeccable sense of timing seeing as this is Veteran’s Day weekend.  More probably it’s God nudging me to think more deeply about this whole business of warfare, courage and sacrifice in wartime…and in the Christian life.  Whatever it is, it’s opened up a whole new field of amazing stories that are finding their way into our current series in Ephesians, “A Wartime Romance: Postcards from the Front”.    

This week we’ll be focusing upon Ephesians 3 and just how much our calling in Christ is like being part of a wartime resistance movement behind enemy lines.  WWII history is replete with amazing stories of the heroic efforts of resistance fighters all across Europe from 1938-1945. Their courageous actions saved the lives of tens of thousands of people.

The history of God’s church is equally full of the heroic efforts of many of God’s people in liberating the lives of oppressed and troubled people.  So if you’ll be with us this weekend, come prepared for some further training to be even more effective in this kingdom battle we’re all in behind enemy lines.

CITY GATE SERVE:  Tomorrow night, 6:15-8:30PM.  Contact Mike Mann ( or call 389-1871) about specifics if you aren’t familiar with the drill and would like to join us serving hot food and the love of Christ at City Gate.

OPERATION CHRISTMAS CHILD:  This Sunday is the LAST CHANCE to get your completed shoe boxes in so we can get them shipped off to Samaritan’s Purse for distribution around the world this Christmas.  Bring them to either service and we’ll get them to the proper distribution point.  

WOMEN’S PRAYER GROUP STARTING:  Beginning the first Sunday in December (5th), we’ll be launching a women’s prayer group between services in the second floor lounge area. Women, you’re invited to join in prayer starting at 10:30AM with other women.  Mark your calendars!

MEN—you’re encouraged to pray every Thursday morning from 6:30-7:30 at the Mosaic Office.  I know, it’s early…but we’re tougher than the fairer sex…especially at that hour of the morning.

We’ve got some great fun things in the hopper for this Christmas season so stay tuned.  Details to follow in coming weeks. 

Enjoy the weekend!

Pastor John


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