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Pastor's Weekly Update

Hearing Loss?

Posted by John Repsold on

As I look out the window this morning and marvel again at the beauty of a fresh blanket of snow, my mind drifts to what today…or this year…would be like with a fresh blanket of God’s presence…day after day and week after week.  A lot of whether that will happen or not has to do with our spiritual hearing.

I’ve been thinking all week about the passage in Romans 10 that we’ll be studying Sunday. In it Paul talks again about his people, the Jews, who tragically seemed to grow deaf to the voice of God.  That's made me wonder where I might be losing my spiritual hearing (just as I’m losing my natural hearing, unfortunately).  
How do people like us become spiritually dull of hearing?  What can we do to develop spiritual ears that hear and lives that respond to God’s voice when He speaks?  What are we doing, perhaps right now, that is putting us in danger of ignoring and distancing ourselves from the most important voice we will ever know in our souls?  
If you’re feeling like you may need to clean out a little spiritual ‘ear wax’ that’s been muffling your hearing of God lately, don’t miss Sunday.  And if you don’t feel that yearning you wish you had to gather with God’s people and seek the face of God himself, why not ask God to lay a fresh blanket of hunger for His presence on you?  God loves to give fresh blankets, be they snow or things we need even more than that.  
Finally, Pastor’s Dessert will be held tonight at our house (39 W. 21st Ave., next to Manito Park) at 6:30 p.m.  If you’ve never seen us in our ‘natural habitat’ or never been to a Pastor’s Dessert, consider yourself invited.  It’s a wonderful, informal time for you to get to know your pastors and for us to get to know you.  (And feel free to park in our driveway if there is room.)
Looking forward to His presence,
Pastor John

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