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Pastor's Weekly Update

Love Large

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As I write this, it’s Good Friday.  I’m thinking all day about the immensity of the love of God for every one of us—

  • Love large enough to make a plan to save you and me from our sins forever… before the world was even made.
  • Love large enough to leave the indescribable splendor of heaven long enough to save sinners living in the insane madness of this sin-soaked world.
  • Love large enough for the God of all riches to live a lifetime in poverty that we might revel in an eternity of His wealth.
  • Love large enough for the God who is life to willingly embrace death at its worst so every one of us can know nothing but Life forever.

That would have been more than enough for all of us.  But it wasn’t for God.

That was what happened on Friday…Good Friday.  But Sunday’s coming!

To prove all that and much more was accomplished on the cross of Christ that Friday, God raised Jesus from the dead that Easter Sunday. 

It wasn’t a resuscitation; it was a RESURRECTION! 

It wasn’t the same old mortal life reanimated; it was new, immortal life reborn.

It wasn’t a ghost-like god floating around a cemetery; it was an eating, speaking, hugging incorruptible God displaying never-seen-before resurrection life. 

But Easter Sunday was just the beginning!  For nearly two-thousand years now, the resurrected Lord Jesus Christ has been creating new life out of all kinds of ‘death.’ 

  • Millions of people dead in their sins have found life in the Savior.
  • Millions of marriages and families suffering the deadening effects of sin have found new, resurrected life they never thought possible.
  • Untold numbers of abused people of all ages have found the solace, healing and resurrection life of the Savior from wounds that would otherwise have destroyed them.

The list is long, the miracles of resurrected life are innumerable.  And that’s where YOU come in.

This EASTER Sunday, come prepared to think about the resurrection life you have already experienced in Christ.  If you know by faith the resurrected Jesus, you have already tasted of new, resurrection life.  What dead-and-buried parts of your life has God brought to new life already?  And what new, resurrection life are you still waiting for God to pour out during the remainder of your life on this earth? 

It’s Friday…but Sunday is coming! 

See you at the Resurrection!   



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