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Pastor's Weekly Update

So NOW what?

Posted by John Repsold on

As we move into this weekend, I want to encourage you to do a little “prep work” to your worship. 

Last weekend we wrapped up our 1st annual Missions Conference by asking the question, “So NOW what?”  “What’s God asking each of US to do individually with this Great Commission we have from our Lord Jesus (Mt. 28:18-20)?”  My challenge to you was basically this:  What you and I decide to do with world missions will be based on the measure of our faith, not the amount of our current finances.  Don’t just reapportion the same level of faith you’ve always had; GROW YOUR FAITH by trusting God to use you to give more than ever this year.

I explained that, over this next year, we will be sending out from 3-7 of our 13 upcoming missionaries.  Since it costs about $40-50,000 per person to get them to the field ministering as God has called them to…and since Mosaic is committed to about 25-30% of their total support…we as a church need FAITH for an additional $75,000-100,000 to “send them on their way” well (3 John 1:6). 

We broke down that challenge into bite-sized pieces.  If just 200 people at Mosaic will each give between $375-500 a year additional giving, we will get these much-loved brothers and sisters to where God is calling them, doing the Kingdom work He has prepared for them to do.  And we will get to be their partners in all the lives they affect for Christ…forever! 

This Sunday I will announce some very amazing and frankly astounding news about what has been committed and come in already towards this adventure.  But many of us (myself included) have not yet taken that step of faith to make an actual faith-commitment over this next year to missions.  So, for the rest of June, we’ll be asking you to turn in your “Missionary Financial Commitment Card” with the amount that expresses the level of your faith in God to use you to support world evangelization and discipleship.  Remember, what you and I decide to do with world missions will be based on the measure of our faith, not the amount of our current finances.  Then each of us who has stepped out in faith like this will get to pray and watch God do amazing things this year through us. 

HOW TO GIVE:  While your Missions Giving may go directly to one or more of our missionaries through their mission agency, many of us may want to give to all of them through our Mosaic Missions Fund.  Regardless of the route you choose for your giving, we ask that you let us know (by using the Commitment Card) how much you are asking God to provide through you by faith in the next twelve months for our missionaries.  We want to know the level of faith we’re exercising this year for missions.

“Oh, what a day of rejoicing that will be” in heaven when we stand beside those who will come to know Jesus and grow in him because of the faith-decisions we are making this month!

See you Sunday!

Pastor John

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