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Pastor's Weekly Update

We’ve Got a Reputation!

Posted by John Repsold on

Last night one of our young couples shared with me a story I just have to pass along.  They live in the Logan/Gonzaga Neighborhood and were walking to the new Path of Life clinic on Indiana to see what they could do to volunteer at this new pro-life ministry in town.  On the way they passed some sidewalk counselors at the local Planned Parenthood clinic who thought they might be in the area to access their abortion services. 

After realizing they were actually going to volunteer at Path of Life, the conversation turned to asking what church they were a part of in Spokane.  After they declared, “Mosaic Fellowship,” one of the sidewalk counselors said something like, “Why is it that everyone we talk to these days actually doing something seems to be from Mosaic?!” 

That is one of the highest compliments I think our Fellowship could receive in this town—to actually be known for the things we DO to help people experience real life in Jesus Christ, not just the things we say we stand for or believe. 

Thanks to every one of you who is stepping out in some way to touch our city and make it a better place to find real life.  

Thank you to every one of you who give of your resources, money, prayers, time and energy to build Christ’s kingdom in this city. 

And thank you for embracing the DNA of Mosaic and showing (as well as telling) people what our Savior is all about in this world today.

Now, as we move into Bloomsday Weekend here in downtown Spokane, I want to remind you of the changes that means for all of us.  Since traffic and parking is problematic on Bloomsday Sunday morning (May 6th), we are doing our annual shift of all our services to Saturday afternoon and evening.  We’re also “breaking bread” (and chowing pasta) at a combined dinner Saturday from 5:30-6:30 p.m. both upstairs and down at the Mosaic Center.  Plan to come to either the 4:00 p.m. service (where there will be child care) or the 7:00 p.m. service.  Both services will be packed with wonderful experiences as we combine our three weekend services into two and mix it up just a little. 

Thanking God for all the action you put to your faith,

Pastor John

P.S.  One last item:  a very neat, clean and compassionate sister in our fellowship, who is temporarily staying in one of our church homes, is looking for a quiet place to stay as she transitions housing-wise to a permanent setting in the next three months.  She has asked if we would pass the word that if anyone has or knows of someone who has an RV or camper-trailer that she might stay in anywhere from three weeks to three months, would you please contact me in the next couple of days directly? You can reach me at 710-8026 or email Thanks!     

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